Personnel serving as homeguards in Rajasthan can now get 25% reduction in fares on roadways buses. The decision was concluded after the talks held between the Director Generator of Rajasthan Home Guards Rajeev Dasot and the managing director of Rajasthan Roadways Naveen Jain. Noticeably, a meeting of Grievance Redressal Committee was held on 13th July 2020 where the Rajasthan Home Guards demanded complete fare wave off passes alike police personnels in the state along with several other issues. Subsequently, the DG Rajeev Dasot took the matter to the Rajasthan roadways and released a press note declaring the information. Home Guards in many other states have come up several times with serious issues related to their employment and job benefits. While this issue of the Rajasthan Home Guards personnel has been resolved, there are many other demands remaining unresolved.

Army Vehicle Overturned in Bikaner, Two Officers Died, Two Jawans Injured

An army jeep overturned in Rajasthan’s Bikaner around 05.30 am on 12th September 2020. The incident took place on the National Highway near Shri Dungargarh when the driver tried to save a cow coming in their way. Although, the local police are investigating if there was any tyre burst. Two army officers, Colonel Manish Chauhan and Major Neeraj Sharma lost their lives after being taken to the PBM Hospital due to serious injuries. Alongside, two jawans have also been injured in the incident. Both deceased officers were posted in Uttar Pradesh’s Shahjahanpur. Several senior army officials reached the place of incident.

Rajasthan Crosses 1 Lac Corona Cases With Loss of 1,236 Lives

Despite several restrained handling of the spread of virus, the state has reached the one lac mark of the coronavirus cases. 1,236 people have lost their lives due to the pandemic in the state. The country reached 4.85M cases on 14th September with 79,754 deaths across the country. Several vaccine trials are undergoing. India’s coronavirus vaccine contender COVAXIN has shown satisfactory response in terms of immunity test results on animals. As the number of cases goes up, the demand for an effective vaccine increases alongside. Although it still remains suspicious to tell a clear time by when we can expect a vaccine ready by India. There have been significant variations in the assertions of Union Health Minister Dr Harshvardhan while telling a possible time by when India can get its homemade vaccine ready. Rising cases of coronavirus and several restrictions have created severe impacts on the economy of the state.

Power Distribution Companies to Perform Night Raids to Restrain Electricity Theft

Soon the raids on electricity theft will be performed in the night. The vigilance wing performing such raids will visit suspected places in the night to identify those stealing electricity. It is probable that they will visit backward and rural areas as there may be high possibility of the occurrence of such incidents thereon. The vigilance team will include male and female police personnel to maintain law and order if any antisocial elements try to worsen the situation for officials conducting raids. Significantly positive results have been experienced after a few such operations in the night in Jaipur. Those found stealing power are filed with VCRs failing which can cause their power cut along with probable term in jail. The state authorities are trying to reduce the power consumption by 15% and this transformation in the raiding system is an outcome of the same attempt. Although there are several other places in the country where electricity raids are conducted already, Jaipur might be different from others by declaring night raids as an official norm.