As one of Honda’s global strategy vehicles, City has sold more than 4.7 million vehicles in 115 countries worldwide since it was launched in 2001 and has become a veritable global leader in small vehicle market. City born out of Honda’s GSC (Global Small Car Platform) platform, which is the world’s common small car platform. This platform is a creative application of the MM concept space layout that has great influence on the development of small cars, namely “MAX for human occupancy and MIN for machine occupancy”. With this concept, from the first generation of cars to the present, CITY has pioneered the new field of small cars through constant innovation.

With the explosive growth of car purchasing demand of the Cenozoic groups in China, “after 85” is gradually becoming the new force to buy hatchback vehicles. They are full of fashion vitality, but also the pursuit of personality and sharing. The sixth-generation City, which is positioned as the “Cool Coach Hatchback Car”, is the first car of their own life dedicated to creating a never-ending experience for the new generation with a full range of transcendence levels.

Amazing vehicle design

The sixth generation of Honda City 2018 is too “Exciting H Design” as a whole design concept, using Honda’s latest family-style front face modeling concept “solidwing”, the front grille and headlight integration, highlights the sharp and cool. Side of the unique use of cool side blade unique dual-belt design, bringing the most exciting forward momentum. Full of tail tension with the use of LED light rear combination lamp, showing a more advanced texture. Very cool

Vehicle design makes people memorable. The sixth generation of City also has seven kinds of rich body colors for consumers to choose from, respectively, Ocean Blue, Star Silver, Crescent Moon Yellow, Ruili Hong, taffeta white, silk satin, Auf Te black.

Surprise super configuration

As Honda’s second global strategic model, Honda City 2018 specs always embodies the unique wisdom of Honda hatchback development.

The sixth generation of large-scale application of advanced FUNTEC City technology, as by far the most advanced City, will once again set off a wave of technology hatchback.

The sixth generation of City for the first time equipped with Honda’s new Earth Dreams Technology (Earth Dream Technology) engine. The new 1.5L direct injection DOHC i-VTEC engine maximum power of 96kW / 6600rpm, the maximum torque of 155N • m / 4600rpm, ranking the first in its class. With the new CVT continuously variable transmission, making the sixth generation of City to achieve only 5.3L hundred kilometers of the same level models with the lowest fuel consumption.

In addition to a powerful powertrain, the sixth-generation City boasts up to 10 innovative technologies. Including Idle-stop engine start and stop energy-saving systems, VSA vehicle stability control system, ESS emergency brake warning system, three-mode rear view camera display system, smart screen interconnection system are the same level for the first time equipped with many technical configurations or even to achieve part B-class car standards, the sixth generation of City also uses the latest generation Honda ACE advanced compatible body structure, bringing excellent crash safety.

The sixth-generation City chassis is completely redesigned with a new geometry of the former McPherson independent suspension, high-rigidity rear torsion beam semi-independent suspension, stabilizer rods are used before and after suspension to obtain excellent response and control of the stability Sex. The new CVT CVT brings powerful acceleration and super smooth shift, and G-design Shift to bring fun and dynamic driving experience.

Amazing space layout

The sixth generation of City uses the MM concept of FUNTEC technology to achieve interior space comparable to the high-class models with hatchback dimensions. Vehicle length reached 4065mm, compared to the second generation increased by 165mm, wheelbase from 2500mm to 2530mm, to achieve a very excellent rear comfort. The space-friendly convenience of the user-friendly design storage space throughout the car dramatically changes Magic Space’s versatile magic seat down or reset with a simple one-touch seat for more depth, height and width, to meet the different needs of users of space.