Do you often grapple with ugly smog when outdoors? Did you know that toxic air can cause you cough, throat infection and other health hazards? If you grapple with asthma and cardiovascular issues, roaming outdoors without covering your nose and mouth can get you in trouble. Rightly has been said that prevention is better than cure.

Is there any way to ensure own safety when outdoors? Is there any solution to prevent potential threats found in contaminated environment? Surgical face mask is one of the best options that prevent the transmission of pollutants, smog, germs, bacteria and virus etc. Face mask is an important part of infection control strategy and it should be worn whenever you step out.

Wearing a well-made cloth mask is one of the simple and effective ways that can help you stay safe from the unhealthy air. Harmful particles are always present in polluted air that can cause a serious trouble to all those who tend to overlook basic safety, especially those who are already suffering from many health issues.

A good quality face mask can be your ultimate protection against contaminated environment which is toxic for your overall well-being. It’s well known fact that air pollution leads to heart disease, lung cancer, respiratory diseases and strokes. The air pollution which has been threat to human beings can cause damage to every part of the body be it skin or brain.

This rapidly growing concern has created a need for 3 layer surgical Mask which ensures your basic safety and hygiene by preventing pollutants, bacteria, airborne germs and harmful virus. A report by world health organization states that air pollution causes seven million deaths each year which is the second non-communicable cause of death after smoking.

We all encounter a major part of air pollution in our daily life that occurs from transport, the best way to cope this issue is to use a high-quality mask that covers mouth and nose portion thoroughly. Improving the overall air quality in one go is not in your hand, but ensuring own safety and care is all up to you. To cope with issues related to air pollution and harmful elements shop hygienic face mask online from Swayam.