Today, the voltage fluctuations and other electrical hazards have become very common not only in India but most of the Asian countries. These electrical hazards can damage your home’s electrical appliances and industrial machinery. Therefore, servo voltage stabilizer is used in home and industrial applications to manage voltage fluctuations.

Meanwhile, electrical hazards can reduce the working capacity and harm the electrical appliance by reducing the life of your home and industrial appliances. Servo voltage stabilizer runs with the less electricity consumption and ensures you the better performance with your valuable home appliances and industrial machinery.

The main work procedure of a servo voltage stabilizer is to provide a constant voltage supply. It reduces the risk of electrical hazards and appliances breakdown by stabilizing the voltage fluctuations. Before discussing, how a servo voltage stabilizer control over & under loads voltages and save from electrical hazards. Let’s know the types of Electrical Hazards.

Types of the Electrical Hazards:

If the voltage supply is higher than the requirement, the equipment running on the electricity will consume more electricity and will not give you desired performance. We can find many types of Electrical Hazards that Cause Harm to the home appliances and Industrial Machinery. These Electrical Hazards can be seen as follows.

Surges – It can cause due to the heavy-load on motors or appliances such as refrigerators, AC etc. when Surges happens, the voltage increase suddenly. If these devices are switched off the increased voltage dissipate through the electricity supply line.

Spikes – this hazard suddenly raises the voltage supply. Basically, it originates due to the power grid that serves harm to your appliances. It is also the cause of short-circuit which is the main cause of the breakdown of any electrical equipment. Hence, the chances of the spike would be lesser if the electricity has good isolation from the earthling medium.

Power Failure – The power failure can occur if any loss stays for more than a minute. It can cause the breakdown and damage of any electrical device or machinery.

Line Noise – generally, the line noise is caused in the electrical components such as vacuum cleaners, Digital audio components, Television and computer etc. if the ground or neutral impact gets created then we can find the line noise problem.

There are following consequences of the Electrical Hazards:-

Overload: for an instance, if the AC motors are running on the higher energy consumption that can hole in user’s pocket. It can cause premature winding failure, transformers loss and loss of cables, switches, and other associated electrical equipment also. Apart from it, the lighting equipment will consume more electricity that would increase the bill.

Under-load: due to under voltage the capacity of AC motors gets reduced and it caused a high temperature. Under-load voltages can also reduce your electrical motor and also decreases the production efficiency of the motor. The lighting equipment’s life and it would require more luminaries for getting the normal light.

Servo voltage stabilizer is the Solution for all Electrical Hazards:

Above electrical hazards are the main cause of reducing the working efficiency of electrical equipment, breakdown, slow down the process, operation time etc. The best servo voltage stabilizer manufacturers like servostar, they design products with solving capacity of all the electrical hazards and boosting the efficiency of electrical appliances.

Therefore, servo voltage stabilizer can save any of the electrical devices from the breakdown and protect from the decreasing its efficiency. Most importantly while all machinery is running it results in low power consumption because, with servo star voltage stabilizer, all appliances work within the suitable power requirements.