1. The activation of the device is the first and most important process to proceed with the channel adding process

2. The Roku device activation gets complete after entering the link code in roku.com/link activate site

3. Firstly, after creating your Roku account, you will find activation code on the TV screen

4. Make a note of the code and access the roku.com/link activate site

5. Secondly, provide the activation code in this site

6. And then click the Submit button to start with the installation process

7. Finally, this activation process can take some time to get complete

8. And only after the activation is complete, you can start with the channel adding process

 How do I link Roku to my wireless network?

 Follow the steps below to set up the wireless network on Roku

1. Firstly, while the installation process choose the network connection as Wireless

2. Now, select the wireless network from the list of network

3. If you don’t see your wireless network name, then choose Scan again to see all networks

4. Secondly, provide the password to access the wireless network to connect the to the internet

5. And finally, now the Roku device gets access to the wireless network

 How to solve the connectivity issues of the Roku devices?

 1. Firstly, check whether you have selected the correct name of your wireless network

2. Next, make sure to enter the correct password

3. Also, check whether the router is working properly or not

4. And finally, try to restart the Roku device and the router

5. To restart the Roku Player, access Settings and choose System

6. And then choose System restart

If you face any issues or require information relating to Roku.com/link activate, do contact our technical expert team via +1-844-893-6700