Ducts are very important in an air conditioning system to maintain optimal temperatures and consistent air distribution on the premises. These ducts also need protection and for that duct access doors are provided.

The duct access doors are meant to give complete access to the ducts in the AC Units. This basic fact makes them extremely important.

Mentioned are some points that make it amply clear how access doors help in a ducting system.

  • Duct access doors protect the AC unit from dust, fire and debris.
  • They give complete access for cleaning the ducts. This makes them extremely important in the maintenance of the AC units. If there is no proper access, servicing and maintenance cannot be undertaken properly.
  • They have to be installed very carefully in the AC units.

           o If some points are kept in mind while their installation, access doors are proved to be useful.

               The building design and the requirements have to be studied carefully while the AC units are being installed. This helps in designing the access doors well and also decide which material is required to make them.

               The material of the access doors is very important to ascertain its strength, utility and durability. If the material of the duct access doors is the same as that of the doors, it is much better.

               They should also have the same thickness. That way they fit in properly with the ventilation system. If they fit well and there are no gaps, they serve the purpose better.

  • If there is a cam-lock system it ensures that that access doors fit well.

Duct Access Doors should meet the SMACNA Construction Standard for system up to 2” wg (500 Pa).

If the above points are taken care of, the access doors not only serve their purpose to the best, they become more cost-effective. Therefore, one needs to be extremely careful while installing duct access doors.

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