Ranking at the top of search is not easy work. While the Google algorithm is still a mystery, search engine optimization experts have tried to come up with some elements that are likely to improve the performance of a website on the worldwide web. One of these elements is the speed of a website. Google, about five years ago, started taking site speed very seriously with the aim of improving their customer experience. Site speed is now one of the factors that can affect the performance of your website on the Google rankings.

Hosting and site speed

You may have what you think is the best wordpress hosting service but still your site is struggling to perform on the search engines. Hosting is not the single element that affects the performance of a website. There are other things that may be making your site perform poorly in terms of speed. You need to constantly keep checking the speed of your site and there are so many tools available to help you do that. You do not have to pay to get this done for you unless of course it is time that you do not have to do it yourself.

Hosting service providers however play a huge role in guaranteeing the performance of a website. If the servers have a problem then there is going to be a problem with speed. Secondly, if the servers are congested then you will also have a problem with the speed of your site. This is why it is important to go with a service provider who will not only sell you hosting services but will also act as a consultant to counsel you on the best packages that will work for your site. Hosting service that would work for a fashion blog may not work for your e-commerce site. Do you need a fully managed dedicated server for your site or would any other option work for you?

Seek the best providers

You will not have a problem finding hosting service providers however remember you do not want to pick out just any. There are companies like Cloud Cone that have invested greatly in putting up the infrastructure that can support from the smallest of websites to massive multinational websites. Cloud Cone is renowned for offering exceptional fully managed dedicate server hosting solutions that are designed to meet the needs of different businesses from large businesses to startups.

What else can you do?

In a bid to improve the speed of your website, there are a number of other things that you may want to do beyond getting the best wordpress hosting services. These would be such as improving on the design of your site. Go for something like minimalist designs which can help to reduce the size of your site and translate into improved speed. There are also content delivery networks which help to reduce the load of servers and thus faster response from your site.