The story of an adventure

 A fish tells that a big fish and her daughter were playing in a calm blue sea. They saw three ships sailing in the distance. The big fish said: They are human beings The little fish shouted with emotion: I wish I knew where they were going on a risky trip to explore. the journey!. I want to get to know other bays and seas, maybe someday, not now, my dear. I’m still small on the risk of exploration, I’m not as small as you think, Mom. I mean, when you grow up more, my daughter, the whole world will be at your disposal when you discover what you want. 

She said muttering: How is this, and I have not yet found anyone help me at least to get my chance of playing and hearing the cancer snatched from the talk of the small fish asked her: What is the thing that I hear you grumbling about because you do not take enough fun? In your opinion, a mistake of this I do not know. I want to make an exploratory trip, and my mother says that I am still young and I have to wait until the largest seagull is involved in the conversation, and he said: Your mother is right to see you also stand in front of my desire, and do not help me for fear of you, you may trample your way and waste, and we do not want you The small fish replied, “I will not lose my way, and I will not waste. 

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Why can not you see that I am big enough to take the adventure that I want and not feel?” I slipped out of the bay toward the unknown. I glimpsed one of those cruising ships, By swam as fast as you could to reach them, but their ability to do so was much less What do you think wait for me ship! I screamed with all her might.

 No one heard the call from the sailors. At moments when the ship was missing, the small fish felt tired and disappointed, so she decided to return to her home, but she was lost and did not know how to reach the Gulf that embraced her family and friends. While she was swimming in a confused panic, I came across something wrong. I asked him: Do you know where the road to my house shook the octopus’s body, spread its legs in all directions, and ignored the question and rushed to some sleeping oysters? I asked them: “I lost my way to my house. 

I received an answer, and I went to a sea lamp,

 so that you could show me to me Coordination brings me to my house and also the small fish have not received an answer, and did not find help her to reach her home, everyone of them is easier, indifferent Bmahntha What do I do now, and what is my destiny? My mother and friends were right when they said I was small to do a solo adventure and suddenly, I noticed that the fish around her were swimming very fast and before you asked what was happening here, a great shadow fell on it. I felt the silence of the water and coolness and knew that the next is the shark, and that the fish fled for fear of him tried to shark, catch the small fish, swallowing it but was able to cram itself between the rocks accurate difficult for the large size to enter and when she felt the disappearance of danger emerged from the reservoir , She did not know how she got there, but she knew she would not go back to adventure again. At this young age she said to her mother and to her friends, who welcomed her and rejoiced greatly in her return.