Do you fear public speaking? If so, there is nothing to be embarrassed about as this fear is something from which most people struggle. In fact, this fear ranks higher than most fears such as acrophobia, claustrophobia, and flight phobia to name a few.

According to conducted surveys, it was revealed that public speaking is the second most fear among people, behind the fear of snakes. So, instead of being shy and avoid speaking in public, let this fear get out of your subconscious mind and step ahead in your career and social life with confidence.

Maybe you are wondering –How? Is there any way through which I can deal with this problem. Yes, there is an incredibly simple and safest way – Hypnosis for public speaking confidence

Now the question arises – how hypnotherapy can help you increase confidence for speaking in the public? How does hypnosis work?

When you are in a state of hypnosis, your mind gets more receptive to comprehend new information. It becomes easy for you to listen to suggestions and file them away in your sub consciousness – where they are much more likely to stay for a long time. Consequently, hypnosis and hypnotherapy are popular tools to confront and overcome the fear of public speaking as they have the power of removing automatic thoughts associated with fear.

Different Aspects of Fear of Public Speaking

The fear of public speaking is reinforced by different aspects such as evolutionary trait, self-perpetuation, and amplification of negative thinking patterns.

Evolutionary trait – Our brain is hardwired to seek approval for our every action. We have evolved to become skilled at recognizing threats and when we do, our bodies respond with fight or flight feeling. In small groups, we can easily recognize how others are responding, what their body language and facial expressions are, and hear their responses as well. But, when you are in large groups, you can’t do that. It is the fear of disapproval. As a result, you start getting the feeling of fight or flight and most people choose the second option as it is the easiest.

Self-perpetuation – When you think you need to speak in public, it sounds like a performance (which it is). You make notes, rehearse several times but as the time approaches, you become self-sabotager. You think it will go poorly; you will have a bad experience. You start thinking about what if others don’t like your speech. What if your voice starts to crack or you forget your lines? And the next moment, you start stumbling. You have filed into your subconscious mind that you would fail and when you think this way, it greatly affects your performance.

Negative thinking patterns – Until you step up on the stage, your heart starts racing and mind is swarmed with a million thoughts at once and eventually, you lose your focus. At that time, you are not in the present moment, but in your head. You stumble, get distracted and all rehearsing gets tattered into minute-to-minute thoughts running all over your mind. It happens because you put so many qualifiers on what success is in any situation. When your performance runs contrary to these qualifiers, you start thinking of getting out of the place as soon as possible.

In all these three points, you may have noticed that it is all about what thoughts we are registering into our subconscious mind. Even behavior therapists don’t prove to be much good at getting rid of this fear.

How Does Hypnosis Help in Public Speaking?

Hypnosis enables us to gain access to and control over these unconscious thoughts and negative thinking pattern. When we have control, we can remove these thoughts and gain confidence in our skills and abilities. During a hypnosis session, you are guided to a highly relaxed yet highly aware state of mind. This state unlocks a special arena of the brain, that is, the subconscious mind where all this unhealthy information is stuck. Since in hypnosis state, the mind is open to new information and suggestion, your therapist will help update your thinking about public performances.

So, if you are also struggling with this issue, try hypnosis for public speaking and see what this amazing therapy can do to you.