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Name How I “canned” fat in a jar.

The closer summer is, the more often I look at various forums and blogs dedicated to the correction of sagging skin and body shape in general.

I look through the reviews of poor girls and remember how exactly a year ago I suffered from cellulite, ran to pharmacies, drank dietary supplements and exhausted myself with exercise equipment. I suffered until she appeared – “flasher bank”. weight loss programme

I bought a washcloth – I looked at the jar

So, I will insert my “110 rubles” into the topic of fighting hanging fat. Why “110 rubles”? Because that’s how much money I bought from my friend a thematic tool in the form of a police flasher. I still don’t understand what the pharmacy bank did with the seller with household goods? But it is not important.

Two for the price of one

The first thing that pleasantly surprised me when I came home was the presence of two “flashing lights” in one package. True, I immediately lowered my nose slightly due to the lack of special oils with which to rub the body before sucking the jar to the skin. But the body is screaming and asking to lose weight!

Therefore, on the first day, I smeared myself with olive oil, squeezed the miracle suckers, put them on my sides, let go of the suckers and began to run them over my body. The skin turned red, the blood supply improved, and I began to lose heart. The next day, going to the pharmacy for creams and essential oils, I discovered the following for myself – my favourite vacuum massage jars are also sold here. Then she looked on the Internet and began to read reviews of those who had already tried the tool. There were few enthusiastic, but they were. Surgery free weight loss

I’m brave too!

And so, I began to massage problem areas with banks twice a day. And so, the first signs of improvement began to appear a week later.

Then I decided to measure the waist (out of shame I will not say the parameters), in order to then compare the result with the future. After the second week minus 2.4 centimetres, after the third week – minus 1.8 centimetres.

In parallel with this, there was an incentive to drink more water and eat less. And so, by the end of May, I approached 37.3 cm against the previous ones. I will not speak.

In parallel with this, there was an incentive to drink more water and eat less. And so, by the end of May, I approached 37.3 cm against the previous ones. I will not speak.

How I lost 11 kg without exercise

I understood that it was time to lose weight.

I want to share my weight loss story. Before, I didn’t even think that I needed to lose weight.

Weight was gaining a little bit and I did not notice that I was becoming shapeless, while my husband constantly told me that he loved me the way I was. weight loss workout plan

But one day we had a serious fight with him and in the heat of a quarrel, he didn’t even notice how he reproached me that I had ceased to look after myself, let myself go and got fat. I immediately forgot what caused our quarrel, and looking at myself in the mirror and looking at our wedding photo, I burst into tears. The difference was really obvious. I began to cry, but he did not calm me down, he just went into the bedroom and slammed the door. This was the very moment when I decided it was time to lose weight.

The first steps.

I immediately called my sister, packed my bag and went to her in a neighbouring city. I realized that I would not be able to lose weight next to my husband. He was against the fact that I would work, I sat at home all day, toiled from idleness, learned to cook using video from the Internet and cooked a lot.

Really a lot. My husband’s work is physically difficult, he needs high-calorie food, which I ate with him. Hence the extra pounds. So the first thing I did was eliminate the cause of my excess weight. And it turned out that she drove herself into a stressful situation. The first separation from a loved one is not entirely on a good note, moving to another city, changing the environment and looking for work. Stress itself is already a step towards losing weight.

Losing weight without physical exertion.

It would seem – go in for sports, and life will improve, but over the years of sitting at home, I was completely lazy, and going in for sports, for me, is akin to the feat of Hercules, but which I was not ready. So I did it differently.

Having stopped eating fatty and high-calorie foods, together with my sister, we had neither the reason nor the desire to cook a lot and for a long time, and in order to save money, we ate modestly and mainly vegetables. But as such, we did not have a diet. 

A faster way to fat loss

But in the evening, after a day of winding around the city in search of work, having a snack and sitting down to watch TV, for a couple of hours I drank one litre of whey.

The simplest not very tasty whey, which costs a penny in stores. Sometimes, to improve the taste, I added a little lemon juice to it.

But the most important thing is that I drank a litre of this serum every day.

And here is the result: minus 11 kg and this is not the limit!

Now I look younger, more attractive, I feel great. I returned to my husband, found a job and I am happy!

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