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The requirement per week of weeks per school varies from state to state and grade to grade. In the United States, the average time for elementary or high school is 180 days which means considering the vacations and individual holidays that are taken in account by the schools. A general guideline states that approximately 36 weeks in a year which comes out 180 days. Keeping in mind many schools are off during weekends.

Examining these averages reveals that the averages vary between the schools but they don’t vary widely. Statistics of 2007 – 2008 revealed that colorado had the fewest school days overall with only 171 average school days a year while , Florida had the most no of school days in a year with 184 school days in a year.

A Closer look at instruction time per year

Just like the number of school days varies between states. The number of times / hour also varies from state to state. For example North Carolina has 185 average school days but only 1,025 hours and Michigan has 180 school days but 1098 in school hours. The number of hours also varies from grade to grade Arizona has grades 4 – 6 have 890 hours a year, while 7-8 have 1000 and grades 9 – 12 have 720 hours.

How is the schedule made ?

The school is responsible for making the schedule like starting a session or fixing the dates of the summer vacations but the yearly assessment of the instruction hours helps in setting a clear vision to the schools on how to manage time. How to fix holidays, How to fix class duration, How to fix time table.

The idea of 4 day in a Week

Recently, few schools have proposed going out for 4 days in a week which will in turn affect the statistics of the instruction time period in a year. The reason may vary for the proposal of 4 days in a week but the majority of this is done for cost reduction of the school. Many schools are accepting this proposal of the reduction of working weekdays.

While this system differs from district to district and students to students but slowly this proposal is gaining popularity day by day. Researchers are saying that it may have both positive and negative impact on the school and students.

How the US compares its Instruction time with other countries

A common public perception is that the United States spends less school hours than other countries. Specific claims are made that the US has approximately 25 to 30 % than China and India.

While it is difficult to compare data between different nations on instruction time because the statutes of different countries may not explicitly define instruction time. India has approximately 800 hours of instructions for those who are in elementary school per year and New York has 900 hours of instructions per year. It is more difficult to compare data between China and the USA because data of China is not clear like India. The number of hours students spend school in China differs from region to region. According to OECD reports that the average number of instruction weeks in China is 35 weeks, compared to the 36 weeks that the average US state Has.

However just because Chinese students attend more days of school that doesn’t means they are receiving more hours of instruction. An analysis done by the Center for public education found that elementary grade students from 1 to 5 have approximately 900 hours of instruction per year just like Texas, California, New York.

In the End

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