Not sure how much a bond wash will cost you? Get results with our specialist end of lease cleaning solutions. Whether you have a flat or a enormous enterprise location, we can get everything perfectly clean very quickly. We provide speedy results and world-class cleaning which will leave your landlords in awe. 

We’ll restore your office location to the exact same amount of beauty it had the first day that you moved in, so that your landlords, office managers, and administrators can not even find a speck of dust! Schedule a cleaning today at your office location with our professional certified staff.

Selling your house? If you’re preparing your property for sale, then getting a ‘spring clean’ prior to the Home Open, can certainly help freshen up the property to potential purchasers. Our goal is to give a detailed & thorough clean of your home and help present your property in the best possible light.

There is no doubt about this. When we hire professionals, we get everything in the best form. When we wash things on our own, we do not have the best cleaning equipment and usually wind up cleaning with anything we have. This cleans the property but not to an extent that the owner will be happy to see it. Professionals have the best of cleaning equipment and the knowledge of best products for cleaning in order to produce the maximum impact.

The cost of the bond cleaning depends entirely on the size of their property. To get a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom home we charge $250 that includes up to 6 hrs labour. Whereas for a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home the price go to $400 that includes up to 10 hrs labour.

In case you’ve rented a furnished property, it’s usually stated in your lease agreement. That you will also have to get fabric furnishings like lounge suites, dining suites, and mattresses cleaned by a professional. You can check what you need to do for your particular property, in your lease agreement under special conditions”.