If  you ever take out some time to know the real cause behind age-related health issues, a decline in cellular energy is the main evil. If you invest a little more time, you will find that NMN or Nicotinamide Mononucleotide plays a major role in the production of cellular energy. Why? Because when it comes to producing NAD+, it is the key element. Mitochondria, which is known as the powerhouse of the body needs NAD+ to preserve youthfulness.

With age, humans undergo a reduction in NAD+ levels; thereby, affecting the production of energy. Without a doubt, this then accelerates the aging process followed by the origin of multiple aging issues. For the adequate production of NAD+, NMN is amongst the major nutrients. It may surprise your ears but NMN is the rate-limiting biosynthetic enzyme required to produce NAD+ in one and all, be it humans or mammals.

NMN: Role In Age-Related Matters

NMN has its significance beyond boosting the production of NAD+. According to studies conducted on aging mice with diabetes, NMN was found to have the potential of improving glucose tolerance. The study also indicated that some effects can also be expected in humans who are attacked by diabetes due to poor eating habits.

Moving on to other studies, NMN enhances sugar metabolism and increases insulin production in matters where a high-fat diet is a reason behind insulin-resistance. How that’s possible? By restoring sufficient production of NAD+ and bringing down stress as well as inflammation that results from free radical damage. Apart from these, NMN lowers inflammation in fatty tissue and betters sensitivity to insulin.

NMN: Maintaining Circulation

The circulatory system has the job of carrying oxygen-rich blood, exchanging both the nutrients & heat and expelling waste out of the body. Aging also results in adverse changes that are harmful enough to decrease the density of blood vessels associated with the respective system. This very fall in the flow of blood deteriorates further, as a result of which serious ailments and premature aging make their way.

If we talk about the terrible possibility that can happen with reduced blood flow, it is nothing but a decrease in muscle mass. In the old age, loss of muscle mass affects the quality of life owing to its direct effect on loss of mobility as well as performance. NMN, being the NAD+ precursor repairs the damaged DNA, promotes glucose tolerance and optimizes the production of mitochondrial energy to enhance the production and maintenance of the blood vessels.

Another responsibility NMN successfully handles is stimulating SIRT1 activity. What’s SIRT1? Well, it’s a compound essential to produce and maintain the blood vessels.

As per studies on rodents, NMN’s supplementation creates a noticeable impact when it comes to preserving the blood vessels. According to other studies, NMN restored the blood vessels and boosted circulatory density in aged mice. As far as results are concerned, mice that got NMN supplementations showed between 60-80% betterment in terms of muscle endurance.

NMN: How It Increases Human Longevity?

As per the research is done in terms of the anti-aging aspect of NMN, an environment that’s rich in NMN leads to the extended lifespan of human stem cells. This happens via the delaying of age-oriented decline resulting from cell replication. It is due to these anti-aging perks only, NMN produces NAD+ for energy production in the cell’s mitochondria.

And with this, you now have detailed knowledge about NMN and how it affects the human body in multiple ways. So, if you never paid attention to consuming it, you now have various reasons to start with it.