Being one of the most popular hostels in Perth, Australia, The Old Swan Barracks Backpacker Hostel is taking all the necessary precautions to deal with COVID 19 and ensure that there is no spread of the virus. By adhering to all the government’s guidelines and ensuring the guest’s safety the backpacker hostel is leaving no stone unturned to take all the preventive measures. Right from cleaning to sanitization, maintaining social distance, and more, the hostel is putting all the efforts to provide a safe and comfortable environment to their users.

Giving its reassurance to stay in their hostel, The Old Swan Barracks is providing their guests with safe accommodation when you are away from your home. In response to COVID 19 pandemic, the hostel is taking the following measures to meet the safety standards and helping the stop spread of the virus:

No Buffet System: Despite The Old Swan Barracks has big mess halls and follows a buffet system, the hostel is now serving food directly in the rooms while ensuring that there is no physical contact between the guests and the hostel staff. Even your first meal of the day is packed and sent to the rooms.

Change in Reception Hours: Due to COVID 19, the hostel has changed its reception timings i.e. 8 am-12 pm and 1 pm-4 pm. To avoid any kind of rush at the reception and avoid people assembling in one particular area, the hostel has also changed the check-in and check-out timings accordingly.

Limited Access to a Kitchen: The hostel has now restricted the use of a shared kitchen. The kitchen has not shut the door for the guests but has now allowed only limited entry for the use of microwave or refrigerator. By allowing one person at a time, you can use the hostel kitchen.

Keeping Social Distancing: The Old Swan Barracks have limited the use of common areas while also ensuring that there is at least 2 m distance between the guests. All the people in the hostel are also asked to wear masks while sitting in the common area. The hostel is encouraging to give private rooms and avoid dorm rooms to ensure that all the preventive measures are taken.

Cleaning Sheets and Other Items Thoroughly: To ensure to stop the spread of coronavirus, the hostel is using disposable items and cleaning the bed sheets and covers after each guest leaves. The staff is also carrying cleaning of all common areas several times during the day. Sanitizers & masks are also made available in all rooms and in the entrance area.

Disseminating Information Online: Any information that needs to be given to the guests of the hostels is given through updating it online. The hostel is also encouraging to make payment online instead of paying in cash to avoid any kind of direct touch.

With all the safety measures intact, the backpacker hostel is taking all the precautions to keep its guests healthy and safe!