Data Science is one of the domains which is in constant motion. Irrespective of economic slowdown and different social problems, it has seen a reliable and a valuable growth that has the required prowess to skyrocket an individual’s career. Flashback to the era of early 2000s, an average Indian youth would aspire for a job in the bank or civil services examination. Engineering and various computer science programs were picking up their pace, but were far away from the reach of an Indian youth.

Engineering grads, irrespective of the branch were picking up the then famous languages such as Java and COBOL. Fast forward to 2019, an average Indian youth still pursue to be a budding Government Official, but the entry of various foreign ventures made India a potential software market, changing the mindset of the recently graduated youth.

Depicting the scopes which Data science provide to the normal public, there are lots of scenarios where data scientists are required in abundance. But there are a lot of engineering colleges where they teach Computer Science and IT related courses, but in some or the other way a specializing courses for data sciences are somewhat overlooked for undergraduates and are only taught in post graduations. Let us dig deep and see why that is?

Seriously, why is that?

The education system which the AICTE and UGC, the two educational bodies of India has adopted is now age old. Since, most of the colleges in India fall under that category and since they take up this system, in some or the other way a specialized course in data science has not been taught by the professors in Indian colleges.

What can we modify in data science?

Definitely. With the vast market which data science has created, there has been an increase of institutes which give specialization in courses on data science, making the Indian youth go hand in hand with the foreign graduates and making them market ready. Astute development in data science has not only enabled to create these courses, but from industries, ranging from cottage to bigger ones, each and every industry is using data science for the better managing of data.

Scope of Data Science for the Indian Youth

In so called developed countries like the US and UK, Indian software developers are always in demand, the trend continued with the Indian data science as well. In the words of Kevin Smith, VP, Product Marketing, Good data, “The demand for data scientists will take a sharp turn. A data scientist will now be charged with helping the business making sense of data, understanding how to interpret results through data and what courses of actions might be warranted. As analytics are pushed to the end and self-services are now routines, data scientists are transformed into more of a consultant than a data sourcing and preparation expert.” As data science is the constituent mixture of all the fundamentals such as Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Deep Learning and Machine Learning, it’s been the need of the hour.

Data Science Training are abundant and students/aspirants can now feel themselves with the successful completion of the course.