Why Packaging Exist?

Packaging plays an important role in determining the fate of the brand when it comes to the protection of the presents, attractive appearance, and professional image of the brand. Rigid boxes are the most advantageous for the products of every kind, especially for shipping. It is strong and sturdy. These boxes are customized in every shape, size, and design to represent the brand most effectively. Paper packaging is not only the most attractive, but it is also the most sustainable. Cardboard is recyclable and bio-degradable. There is no other material that is as luxury rigid boxes of cardboard packaging, yet the most affordable when it comes to customization. Products that we see in a retailer’s store come from a long way, passing through a lot of hardships, hurdles, hit, or maybe even falls. It is because when a product is manufactured, it goes to the wholesaler, from where it is distributed to different retailers to be sold to the consumers. Everything that comes in the market is packed in a box. It is not just a box, but there is a whole lot of strategic planning to create a box that fulfils all the packaging requirements of a present you are giving.

Giving presents is the most trending in the world we live in because it is the most effective way to show love, care, or affection towards the people we love and care about. Every event or occasion such as a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, birthdays, graduation parties, or any other occasion like holidays, etc., require some kind of present as a sign of gratitude. Seeing the increased competition and the distances that are increased, there comes a need to deliver products to different places. So, along with every other thing, shipping is the one that needs proper evaluation as most of the brands lose their products to damage during shipping.

If you are facing the same problem, want to send a gift to your loved ones, or planning to launch a brand and need the most secure shipping, rigid boxes are the way to go. It gives your ultimate product protection, no matter how fragile your product is and what is the size of it, because;


Custom rigid boxes are made up of corrugated cardboard. It is made by layering a fluted sheet of cardboard in-between regular liners with the help of glue. What makes them perfect for product shipping is that you are allowed to create the boxes in the shapes, sizes, and designs to make your product more attractive and branded for the customers, such as;

• Gable boxes

• Magnetic closure encasements

• Sleeve packaging

• Window cutout boxes

• Pillowcases

There is no limitation, be creative and imaginative when it comes to the style of the box.


The material that is used to make rigid cardboard boxes is highly flexible in terms of giving unique shapes, sizes, and designs. Paper packaging gives flexible boxes that are highly graphics-friendly, and unique die-cutting makes every shape that helps in presenting the brand most efficiently.


Rigid packaging is the most luxurious and high-end when it comes to custom printing. Thanks to customization, we are blessed with the techniques that make our product packaging most attractive and personalized. It offers high-end laser printing, screen printing, and ink-jet printing, which gives the most luxurious colours and enhances the appearance of the product. Everything from rigid boxes design to the strength and quality is in your hands, so why not create boxes that convey the message behind the present or show love. To do so, you can get custom messages, names, logos, personalized messages, or notes to tell people that you care about them.


For shipping, the most important is the box that does not collapse, has a sturdy feel, and is capable of absorbing shocks to prevent any damage that could probably happen during delivery of the products at different places. It is important to go for custom luxury packaging for shipping as it is like a gamble for a company to stake everything on a mare probability. According to your product, you can alter the strength of your boxes by adding more layers of liners or fluted sheets in the making of the boxes. It helps in achieving ultimate protection for the product according to its type.

Box inserts

Box inserts are the materials that are used inside the box to increase the protection. It is a unique way to style the box and also makes it a safe place for products until they reach the hands of the customers. They help in keeping your presents in place and reduces the chances of potential damage to the product. It is an amazing opportunity for the customers to create an everlasting impact on the audience because it is not an opportunity to miss as custom rigid packaging is not only durable and attractive but also the most affordable than any other alternative that is available in the market. Rigid boxes wholesale works like magic; it offers the cheapest rates for order in bulk without compromising the sustainability and quality of the product.