Robots are already present in many aspects of our lives. They help people in car production, in the exploration of oceans and space, in performing complicated surgical intrusions, and so on. However, this is not the limit yet.

The technology develops, becomes more advanced, cheaper, and more widespread. That’s why we expect that robots will be used everywhere in the nearest future. What are the most interesting trends though?

There are many articles to read about the newest robotics developments. To make it short, we have collected the most interesting trends here.

Robots to Take Care of Elderly People

You might disagree that this is not one of the future developments. Such robots exist. They can adjust beds and wheelchairs and perform basic care tasks. However, basic care is not the only thing that elderly patients need. Most of them lack communication. Scientists work to develop robots that will be able to communicate with elderly patients. They will also be able to bring food, give medicines, take samples, and similar.

Robots to Take Care of Pets

People tend to have a lot of pets. You can find a dog or a cat in almost every household. However, people are very busy. That’s why their furry friends often stay at home alone. They feel stressed, which results in medical problems.

Robotic pet-sitters are already available. They can clean your flat from pet hair, clean the litter box, add food, refill the water.

But still, these robots need to be developed. In the future, they might be able to walk your pets. Also, robots will provide them with basic communication. Then, a pet will feel as if the master is at home.

Robots for Security of Your Home

Robots already can monitor the area and check it for suspicious activities. Via a special camera, a robot films the intruder and send you a video to decide what to do further. The most advanced security robots even call the police and can warn the intruder about the consequences. Now, the problem is in their price. They for sure shall be cheaper, and this is possible to achieve with the technology development.