If you had a big fight with your partner and want to apologise them creatively, then you would need to start brainstorming and think of ways in which you can make them feel special again.

Here are a few gifts that are thoughtful enough to gift someone whom you need to apologise to:

Card or picture collage

One of the most creative ideas to apologise to someone is to make them a card or a picture collage on your own rather than purchasing it from a shop. 

Customised gifts are often unique, and your loved one would feel emotional when they see your efforts. 

If they are not talking to you, it would be best to take help of your mutual friends so that the card or the poster reaches them somehow. Write some quotes and your genuine feelings to express your true love to them.

Luxurious flowers

Flowers make for a perfect apology gift and would bring a smile to someone instantly. If it is possible, try online flower delivery

Along with the bunch of flowers, you can also send them a cake with a sorry message or even a small card with a message. If you didn’t have a big fight, it would be best to deliver these by yourself and express your apology right in front of them. 

In the other case, you can send flowers at their home daily through different vendors and send an apology letter until they accept it.

Aroma candles

Scented candles lighten up anyone’s mood instantly. Pick the scent that your loved one prefers. Go a bit creative and write an apology on the candle before giving them. 

There are aroma candles that lift the mood instantly and gifting them the same would surely do wonders. If you live together with your partner, then lighten up the entire house with candles, get flowers, or do any another thing that would make them happy and make them realise that you care about them.

Deluxe chocolate

An assorted box of exclusive chocolates that your partner loves would surely make them happy. You must know their taste and flavours in chocolate. 

It would be best that you choose different chocolate pieces and choose an attractive shape for the box as well. 

Add a note of apology or even give flowers or an additional gift along with the chocolates to make them feel special.

A printed top

Involve your friends in this and get an alphabetical order T-shirt that conveys sorry. Take a picture of all the friends in one letter each and put the picture collage in your home. You would need to make some efforts in this and contact all your close friends if you both had a big fight. Get multiple gifts for them, which include all of their favourite items.

Ups and downs are part and parcel of any relationship; you both need to leave the differences behind at least at some point in time and get back together.