When it comes to any form of marketing, the latest trends are to be followed in order to be successful. This is because the campaigns need to reflect the mindsets of people in order to attract them. They need to respond to potential customers’ needs and expectations, which are changing with technology and other aspects of our modern society. The latest impact on a global level was certainly the pandemic, which has altered our everyday lives and is still shaping our mindsets. The effects of such uncertainty will surely be long-lasting, regarding both economy and people.

What changed?

First of all, the importance of digital marketing and regularly published content has never been so obvious. People were spending even more time online during the lockdown, as there were movement restrictions. Consumers’ attention was only able to be focused on your company’s virtual presence and strategy applied during unfortunate times. Showing empathy and understanding was crucial, and further led to increased levels of customer loyalty. Providing content meant continuing to communicate with your target audience, and everyone needed it. Sales were only a secondary level of customer relations while reducing the panic mode and providing options was the first and the most important one.

Evaluating your response

Before you start planning your new and amazing marketing strategy, it is necessary to evaluate how appropriate your response to a critical situation was. Start by crunching the numbers and put the revenue as the only variable in question. Pinpoint the major high and low points, as you will later compare it with the data regarding your actions taken. Depending on the type of your business, you can add as many variables as necessary. Try to objectively answer questions such as how flexible your business appeared to be, and were there some actions by your competitors that you’ve noticed as good practice examples.

How you’ve handled the crisis will be the backbone of your future campaign, as well as help you improve and be prepared for other possible scenarios. So, for example, if your business offered free deliveries, switched its focus to e-commerce and provided online support, you’ll be able to use it. The essence will be the fact that you’ve managed to be helpful, even in the worst of scenarios. Furthermore, your business is a serious and professional operation, which learned even more about their customers’ needs during this period. Personalization of a brand image in combination with the measured results can help you develop the perfect campaign.

Ask for feedback and guidelines

Understanding the value of constructive criticism is often the key when it comes to any kind of improvement. And there should always be some room for improvement, even in the most successful phases of your business’s operation. This is why you need to engage people, specifically your current clients and followers on social media, and ask them for an opinion as a crucial element of your after the Coronavirus period. Feedback is always a good thing, but in this case, it will benefit you more than ever. Spending more time in fear, surrounded by morbid data and being in our heads more than usual had a major psychological impact on everyone.

A lot of people have developed some strong opinions on present issues, as well as changed attitudes towards other people and brands as a consequence of their responses. Asking them to share that information will be an asset for your brand, even in case they have something negative to say. This is largely because you are showing their opinion matters to you, and that you want to improve to accommodate them better for future reference. This is the most efficient approach for establishing trust and improving customer relations.

Adapting content to previously gathered data

Unfortunately, there is no set of rules to follow and be sure it’s going to provide the optimal results. But if you meticulously analyze the data regarding your response, your competitors and your clients, you’ll get there. We are all aware that content is king, but which form to choose as the most engaging one? The answer is easy and should be quite obvious – video format. It has surpassed both text and images, especially with the rise of live streams and stories on social media. This is why investing in quality video production services is highly recommended as the next step. With the right professional guidance, you’ll be providing content which everyone wants to share!

People are more emotional after everything, and you should address those emotions or exactly the opposite ones in some cases. Try to entertain your audience and create some wholesome and funny videos above all. They will appreciate the effort! Another amazing way is presenting personal stories from the CEO, your employees etc. If you are back in the office, stories are obligatory! You can also implement an idea of a promotional discount code somewhere in the video, so people can be positively surprised.


The situation was unprecedented, and you shouldn’t be hard on yourself no matter how you reacted. Even mistakes can turn into a positive thing if you actually do learn something from them. Human behaviour is simply a combination of patterns which we follow, directed by the surrounding conditions. Try to put yourself in your customers’ shoes, and never be shy to ask them for feedback. If you are serious about investing in the reparation period, a focus group or several ones will provide you with beneficial information in which direction to go.