There are many different types of Family Law cases in Florida. Each case will have its similarities and its differences. Cases range from simple to complex, and all too often parties make mistakes when working through a case. The biggest mistake is probably trying to handle a case without the advice and representation of a legal professional. Sometimes a paralegal can provide enough guidance to see a case successfully processed, but in most cases, a Family Law Attorney Palm Beach Garden is the best way to avoid mistakes. There are, however, other mistakes that can be avoided even when using an attorney.

Being open and honest with your attorney is essential. It is a big mistake to try to hide information that would make a difference in how a case is handled or in the final outcome. While it is true the hidden information may never surface, for a variety of reasons it may and then there can be a variety of repercussions such as the attorney takes him or herself off the case, the other party has a distinct advantage when in court and showing how pertinent information was hidden, or sometimes even a contempt of court will be issued on the offending party. With all the ways of detecting information including, audits, email and phone records, social media postings, and private detectives, it is very unwise to keep important information from your attorney. An attorney will not divulge the information you share except in special situations, not likely to occur during most family law cases.

Hiding information is one thing, lying is another. This is especially true when it comes to giving evidence regarding financial affairs, and values of marital property, which will be, in Florida, equitably divided. Again, lying, when it is discovered, is a big mistake and can put a party in an awkward position. Judges do not look kindly on lying and can meter out a variety of consequences including financial penalties and contempt of court.

Taking time to find the right legal professional for you and your type of case is essential. It can be a mistake to hire someone who knows little about your particular problem, has a personality that doesn’t fit with yours, or has an attitude of not caring about your case. Talk with family and friends, check several attorney’s websites, and take advantage of the free consultation offered by most attorneys before making your selection.

Avoid discussing the details of your case with others. Many times,the information will “somehow” find its way to the ears of the other party and any advantage you might have regarding that information will be lost. In fact, that mistake could cost you your desired outcome if the shared information allowed the other party to have knowledge that could be used against you.

Finally, such considerations as being respectful of an attorney’s time, providing information in a timely fashion, listening to and following through with your attorney’s advice, will all help avoid mistakes in your Florida Family Law Case.