Becoming a professional cyclist will take some of your time and energy, but it will pay off in the end. If you are determined and disciplined, though, you won’t have a problem in the process of becoming a professional cyclist. To make it easier, you can follow these tips and tactics!

Start the preparation correctly

The preparation for professional cycling begins before you even hop on a bike. One of the most important features of this is suitable nutrition. Since your diet plays such a great role, you may have to change it a bit. This is a part that every professional athlete has to go through. Your diet is so important because it determines how well you’re going to be able to perform.

No matter how many hours you spend training, a bad diet will bring all your progress down. The worst part is that bad dieting could bring down weeks’ worth of training. You could even make a plan of your meals that will allow you to successfully follow your input of carbohydrates, proteins, and other nutrients. You should also decide on the number of meals per day and stick to your plans once you make them.

Take enough carbohydrates

You may be used to thinking of carbs as your enemies, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Your diet shouldn’t be designed to help you lose weight but to improve your performance while cycling. Because of that, your diet should definitely contain some carbs. Even though carbs are your best friends, they can still be counterproductive to your body. Because of that, it’s important to know what carbs are best for you, and at what time should you eat them.

For instance, foods such as quinoa, brown rice and potatoes are great for you. They all have the carbs you need for performing. Since they have such a positive effect, they can be eaten on a daily basis. If you have an event, on the other hand, you should opt for some more digestible carbs, the ones found in high energy bars. Professional cycling is energy-consuming and the best thing you can do is fuel your body and prepare it for all of the challenges ahead of it.

Don’t forget the protein

Speaking of fuel, your body doesn’t need just carbs. Proteins are also very important features that influence your performance. Since you’ll need to spend hours and hours training, you’ll need a lot of help to rebuild your muscles. Protein-filled food is exactly what you need to rebuild your muscles. Next to the meat and seafood, your diet should consist also of leafy vegetables, beans, and nuts.

If your training consists of weight lifting or you’re doing strength training, proteins are irreplaceable in your diet. Not only will your muscles tear less, but you will also prevent some serious medical issues if you take enough proteins. Besides carbs and proteins, hydration is also very important. If you manage to develop healthy eating habits, you’ll be ready to take on all of the challenges that professional cycling has.


After learning what you should eat during the training, the next logical step is to get on with the actual training. The training really is the hardest part. The most important part of the training is to be determined. If you know that you want to become a professional cyclist and you’ve set your goals clearly, you should stay disciplined. For start, you’ll have to ride your bike 5 to 6 days a week. During these days, you should ride for at least two hours. If you no longer feel like a beginner, your training should increase. This means that you should train up to 6 hours a day. 6-hours training should include riding, including weight lifting and strength training.

You don’t have to stick to the same riding methods every day. You could change them daily just to make the journey more interesting and exciting. You shouldn’t neglect the strength training either. Thanks to quality strength training, you’ll build muscles successfully and you’ll improve your endurance. Legs and core muscles are also as important since you’ll use your legs the most when cycling. Make sure to include workouts such as squats and lunges to step up your leg game. If you find it difficult to train on your own, you can always hire a personal trainer that will be more than happy to help you achieve great results effectively.

Get the appropriate equipment

You won’t be able to become a professional cyclist if you don’t get the appropriate equipment and gear. Getting these features on time will be very important for your training. Namely, it will allow you to do the workouts in much more realistic conditions. Adding something like a full suspension mountain bike will significantly increase your chances of becoming a successful professional cyclist. When it comes to getting the right gear, it’s essential that everything is correct. Otherwise, you could end up in a lot of pain that could’ve been easily avoided – with the right equipment.

Not only will your training be much more enjoyable, but it will also be much more effective. To make the training even more effective, you should definitely consider hiring a personal trainer. Having a coach makes the whole process much simpler and easier for you. The coach can even help you choose the right equipment for you. Having someone with a lot of experience with you can never hurt; it can only be beneficial. The equipment should suit you perfectly. For instance, the bike should fit your size, weight, and performance. This all is very significant because it reduces the risk of possible injuries and accidents while riding. It also allows you to shine and reach the peak of your performance.

Challenge yourself

An important part of your training process should be various challenges. You should study your abilities closely and put some challenges in front of yourself accordingly. This is important because it allows you to gradually improve your performance. You shouldn’t start with the most difficult obstacle. If you do that, you could end up demoralized and demotivated. Not only that, but you could also end up injured and in a lot of pain.

That is precisely the reason why you should increase your power gradually by using tools and adding resistance. You’ll have to develop your capabilities and reflexes to the maximum if you’re willing to take on professional cycling. If the situation requires, you’ll have to chug up a hill even when the end of a race is near. Because of that, it’s essential to get into the race fully prepared. To be fully prepared, you could increase your power in similar situations. For instance, riding up the hill is just one of the activities you should practice before getting into any kind of race. You can also add resistance when riding into the wind or changing to a larger gear. Whatever activity you choose to practice first, don’t forget that you need to do everything gradually and push boundaries slowly.

Get integrated into cycling

When becoming a professional cyclist, one of the important steps is to get integrated into cycling. Namely, you should try and find cyclists around you. You can really do a lot on your own. What you can’t do, though, is get some criticism. This is just one of the reasons why it’s important to have other cyclists around you. They will be your competitors in a way, but they will also be very beneficial for your performance. If you have someone who will look at you while riding and tell you what you’re doing wrong, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble. For instance, you may endanger your health while riding and having someone to help you in such a situation is priceless.

Feedback is always important. You won’t ever get better unless you recognize what exactly is wrong. Because of that, joining the common cycling community is very important. Even if you don’t have someone to give you constructive criticism, just having someone next to you doing the same thing is enough to motivate you. Once you sense that there might be some competition, you’ll strive to become a better cyclist. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to perfect your niche and improve your performance much more efficiently. Finally, other cyclists know what it’s like to be a beginner in this. They may become your friends and want genuinely to help you. If you have the opportunity to meet some friendly faces ready to help you build on your craft, you should always go for it.

Start competing

Once you’ve joined the local cycling community, met some fellow cyclists, and made some friends, it’s time for the next step. The step is, of course, competing locally. The competition doesn’t have to be too serious for you to learn something new. It can consist only of obstacle course events and that alone will make a huge difference for a beginner. It’s even better to start off with something simpler and then gradually move towards more complex competition and races. With simpler events, you can boost your confidence and get even more motivated to keep trying.

The most important part is that you don’t put your health to risk and you are still doing a lot. You can develop your competitive skills in such situations and keep improving. Another important thing is that you can learn whether your techniques really work for you or you should change them. You could even get inspired once you see other cyclists and make some changes in your routine. Watching more seasoned riders does have a lot of benefits. Once you see that you’re improving, you can start entering bigger contests and improving even more.


If you are ready to do your best, change your diet, and spend hours training, you are ready to become a professional cyclist. The main thing is that you don’t cheat and remain disciplined which will get you some amazing results. It’s time you focus on training and moved your boundaries!