You have probably noticed that the largest cities in the world such as Paris, London, New York, and Tokyo are overflowing with luxury hotels. It is frequently difficult to make a decision when there are so many options. A luxury hotel is a better choice for a true luxury traveller than Airbnb or the myriad of apartment rental services. There is a handful advantages that luxury hotels offer compared to rentals.

Booking a luxury hotel is the easy part but finding and choosing prior to the booking can take hours and even days of investigation. Fortunately, it is possible to choose a luxury hotel with the minimum of fuss by knowing what to look out for before proceeding to booking.

Choose the location

Location is the first point we have to define. What the largest cities in the world have in common is of course their huge size, oftentimes along with terrible traffic that prevents you from traversing the city in less than two hours.

It is therefore crucial to outline the zone where you would like to stay. If it is your first time in a city, choose a central neighborhood, a practical location which will allow you to travel quickly to important tourist attractions. If you have been there before, consider defining the activities you would like to do (tours, restaurants, and bars) and choose a hotel in the same sector. You could also just pick out a neighborhood you would like to explore.

Evaluate the value for money

If you are a luxury traveller, attention to detail counts. For example in a luxury accommodation Sydney, a personalized welcome amenity for you, and perhaps a cute plush animal or special pastry treat for your child. There will be champagne if you are celebrating a honeymoon or anniversary or a cake for your birthday; plush bathrobes and slippers. Moreover, reservations to get restaurants can be done via the Concierge and the housekeeping is done twice daily as well as an in-room Nespresso machine for your first coffee of the day.

A top luxury hotel is a true vacation from the everyday, with thought put into the entire experience and hotel staff sweating the details so that you do not have to. A luxury traveller who cares about the overall experience will find better value for money and less risk of unpleasant surprises with a top luxury hotel.

Know the reputation

Certain hotels benefit from a superb reputation and a remarkable history. Ritz Paris, the La Mamounia hotel in Marrakesh, or Le Savoy in London needs no introduction. These are legendary establishments in which the service and quality are generally exceptional.

Determine the VIP and loyalty perks

The top luxury hotels either offer a preferred partner program or are a member of a luxury consortium such that you can enjoy special perks, such as upgrade on arrival, complimentary breakfast, a hotel credit, and other amenities depending on how you make your booking.

Check the hotel’s website and write-ups/reviews

By looking at the feedback, you can get a good idea of what other guests thought about their stay at the place. The best way to find authentic feedback is the reliable travel websites. These websites have records of almost all the hotels in the corner of the world and can bring forth to you valuable opinion from customers who have stayed in a particular hotel. Learn to differentiate between the right and the wrong feedback. Look for the comments in the middle ground.