Buy a DVD, a garment, a plane ticket, a washing machine … it’s much more practical and often cheaper on the Internet than in a shop. When you order online, you make a remote purchase framed by the code of consumption (art 121-16), which imposes specific rules on sellers and gives you specific rights. Here are some tips to avoid disappointments.

Millions of purchases are made every day online, to the satisfaction of consumers. However, it happens that some sites do not have all the guarantees of seriousness or that one encounters dysfunctions that disrupt the order. Some indicators can help you put the odds on your side to buy as much confidence as possible.

The company must be well identified

An e-merchant who publishes clearly his postal address, his telephone number, his e-mail address, reassures.

These data should be easily found in the “Contact us” or “Who are we?” Sections on the homepage of the site.

If the merchant adheres to a professional federation, including the Federation of e-commerce and distance selling (Fevad) and bears, as such, the acronym of the Fevad Quality Charter is also a guarantee of reliability of the most reliable . For its part, the Fia-Net brand references a thousand e-merchants rated by customers. Again, a plus for cautious cyber-buyers.

Ask other sites

If you are unsure about the efficiency and reliability of the site you wish to order, visit the Internet forums and price comparison sites (CompareBox, for example) , to view consumer reviews and ratings of merchant sites. For a purchase of a certain value, if a site is neither referenced nor labeled, you can operate a small check very easily. Go to the site where all companies must register and deposit their accounts, namely You can also get free information on, a private business information dissemination service.

Complete product information

Since you can not touch, try or query the seller directly, you must have access to as much information as possible about the product or service: name, quality, size or measurements, composition, accessories provided, price (TTC), fees and delivery date … If you buy to make a gift or for a special occasion, do not forget to take into account the delivery times, which can sometimes be very long (more than a month).

Feel free to test the reactivity of a company by phoning or sending an email to request a clarification on a product or service. A company that responds quickly and correctly should offer you more guarantees