The Think Sleep program has been designed to help you do two things: Firstly, help your body relax and unwind physically and second, teach you how to calm your mind. The key to a good night’s sleep is to switch off your thinking and let go of physical tension.

Think Sleep will have you sleeping soundly before you know it. The program uses a variety of hypnotic techniques along with ancient chi-kung breathing, meditation and visualization. Think Sleep helps you program your brain and body to enter a deep trance and to completely relax when it is time to sleep.

You have more than 20 sessions to choose from ranging from 15 minutes long to almost 3 hours.

You will finally discover the easy and drug -free way to a good night’s sleep.

Sleep sessions include:

Deepest sleep ever 2 hours

Sleep compilation 3 hours

Deep sleep phenomena 32 min

Sleep temple 24 min

Sweet dreams 30 min

Tranquil night 22 min

Sound asleep 24 min

Out like a light 17 min

And more …….



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