A baby has a lot of needs. He/she will rely on you as he/she still can’t do things him/herself. Make sure to be a great provider. A baby car seat is one of the most important baby essentials you’ll need to have so see to it that you take time to choose the best one for you. As a parent, it’s vital that the baby car seat fits your vehicle. Here are more tips for you.

Consider Your Baby’s Age, Height and Weight

According to CDC or Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, the risk of your baby dying in a car accident if he/she’s strapped safely will go down by 71%. That’s why you have to get a car seat that’s suitable to your baby’s age, height and weight. There are choices from birth to age 2, age 2 to no more than 40 pounds, and the list goes on. And they have to sit in the back seat until 13 years of age. Keep in mind that an air bagisn’t safe to them at all. It can hurt or kill your little one if he/she will be sitting in front.

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Choose A Tested Baby Car Seat

Always choose from tested car seats that passed two regulations. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to ensure that it’s safe and has been tested in different collisions. Ask help from a professional to guide you with your purchase. Also, it pays to read reviews online. Searchfor the specifications and customer feedback.

Assess Baby Car Seat Quality

Quality should always come first. Check the safety label, ratings, and five-point harness. Make sure that the label says that itmeets the federal standards. The latter will help protect your baby more than a three-point harness. As a parent, you want what’s best for your baby.

Ensure Baby Car Seat Installation

Get a baby car seat that’s easy to install. But you have to check first if you have Isofix in your vehicle. An Isofix is a small metal ring which isthe international standard for attachment points for your child’s safety seats. You can install it yourself or ask a car professional to help you. Even if the car seat looks safe and secure, it may not be. A lot of parents are driving around with incorrectly installed car seat, and that’s dicey to your little one.

Select A Baby Car Seat withAdjustable Legroom

Pick a baby car seat with adjustable legroom, so you don’t have to makeyour little one face forward too soon because of lack of legroom in the vehicle. If you choose such, your baby can enjoy the car seat for a longer period of time. Also, look for features like the space for the legs, adjustable reclining position, and the adjustable side impact protection.

The right type of baby car seat depends on your baby’s age, height and weight. It isn’t an easy task but if you will follow these tips, shopping for a baby car seat will be like a walk in the park.