A monowheel is a vehicle designed to move around the city.(Kids Scooter for Sale) Powered by rechargeable batteries, the unit has a top speed of 80 km / h. Although the bulk of the models can move with indicators of 30-50 km / h.

On the market, devices are represented by a wide range of models. It is not easy to choose from the offered brands, so it is worth figuring out what to look for when buying.

Monowheel as a type of urban transport

Electric unicycle ride

This is the most important detail on which engine power, travel speed, and duration of work depend. Manufacturers offer several options today. These are 130, 340, 820, and more W / h. Some companies have managed to install batteries with a capacity of up to 2400 W / h on monowheels.

This characteristic also determines the travel time. For example, for 130 W / h, you can ride about an hour, 340 – makes it possible to drive up to 30 km or 3 hours.

One cannot but pay attention to such an indicator as battery voltage. The higher it is, the more speed the device can develop. For instance:

If the unicycle is 100% charged, then its movement speed will be maximum.
At 50%, it decreases by 10-15%.
At 30%, the speed of movement will be no more than 18 km / h.
It turns out that the larger the battery capacity, the higher the transport characteristics of the device. But this is a double-edged sword. This indicator also increases the weight of the unicycle, because of the number of elements increases. An average capacity in the region of 340-820 W / h is considered optimal. It does not significantly affect the weight, but it meets most requests.

Wheel diameter
This vehicle has one important relationship: the lighter it is, the easier it is to drive. Therefore, tire size plays an important role. Today, manufacturing companies offer wheels of different diameters: from 5 to 22 inches.

However, it should be noted that devices with small dimensions are difficult to operate. The apparatus itself is low, it overcomes obstacles poorly. Therefore,(hoverboards) this option is recommended to buy for children or move on flat roads. But at the same time, devices with a small diameter are maneuverable, you can even make a jump.

Wheels 5-12 inches in diameter are uncomfortable. Therefore, it is recommended for adults to buy units with tires 14 and above. Optimally – up to 18. Large diameter makes the wheeled heavy in weight, but very passable. Most device owners choose the golden mean – 14-16 inches.

Monowheel with folding handle

Single unicycle

Engine power
Engine power mainly affects the balance of the unit. To move forward, the driver must bend over. And the greater the angle relative to the vertical, the faster the device moves. And if the slope is very large, the electric unicycle will push through, and the person will fall.

So that the driver does not “bite his nose into the ground,” and the power of the vehicle is required. The greater this characteristic, the more stable the unicycle. We can say that the power of the electric motor completely affects the safety of riding.

If we talk about this indicator, then it should be noted not only the motor but also the battery. Since the first depends on everything on the second. The more capacity the battery has, the more power the engine has.

Wheel diameter also plays a role, but not always. For example, 14, 16, and 18-inch models can be equipped with the same powerful engine. Experts agreed that an 800 W electric motor is a guarantee of safety.

Power reserve
Power reserve means the longest distance a device can travel on a single battery charge. It depends on the following factors:

Battery capacity – the higher the rating, the longer the trip will take.
Driver’s weight – the more it is, the faster the device will discharge.
Riding speed – the quieter, the greater the distance covered. (hummer hoverboard)Road category – you can drive on a flat road longer than uphill.
Air temperature – the colder, the faster the battery capacity decreases.
Electric unicycle weight
The average value of this indicator is 14-17 kg. Currently, more and more manufacturers are directing their efforts towards the development of maneuverability and speed characteristics, increasing motor power and battery capacity.

All this leads to an increase in the mass of the unicycle. It becomes more cumbersome. Some models have already exceeded 20 kg.

But initially, the device was created as a city vehicle that can be carried in hands if necessary. A heavy device will be difficult to lower downstairs from any floor, especially if a child or teenager has to do it. Therefore, weight selection is an important criterion.

Monowheel with retractable handle

Monowheel for city movement

Monowheel type: single or double
From the name it becomes clear that the first has one wheel in the structure, the second has two of them, and they are doubled, located on the same axis. Both models have distinctive features:

The one-wheeled variety is less stable.
The dual version is difficult to manage.
The first has less mass.
The center of gravity of a unicycle is located at the point of contact between the tire and asphalt. In a two-wheeler, it sits between the tires right in the middle. It is this spatial position that creates unpleasant sensations when moving on a two-wheeled version on inclined planes. It is more difficult to maintain balance, to control the device, there is slight discomfort.

Additional functionality
Every year manufacturers equip electric unicycle with convenient options, increasing the practicality of the device:

Headlights. Convenient for those who use the device at night. It not only illuminates the path but also indicates that the vehicle is moving. The unicycle has no other signal. Lanterns are also installed not only in the front but also in the back so that the device is visible to those who move behind it.
Speakers. The monowheel’s built-in speakers beep when a function is turned on and even allow you to listen to your favorite music while driving.
A pen. Handles are installed to carry the device. They are of two types: folding and retractable. The first one folds and merges with the body. The second slide out of the latter in the form of a telescopic device(hoverboards black Friday sale). This option is more convenient because the transport itself can be rolled like a suitcase on wheels.
Seat. This addition enhances comfort, which will be appreciated by those who travel long distances with the electric unicycle. But it is this that increases the weight of the unit, plus reduce the power reserve.
Smartphone application. A unique feature that helps the driver monitor the performance of the unicycle. Namely: battery capacity, speed, mileage, etc., and it is also possible to communicate with other owners of this vehicle.
Here are the main characteristics of the electric unicycle, which you should pay attention to when choosing it. Choose trusted brands that guarantee the quality of their products. But, as practice shows, almost every brand has both weak offers and very strong ones.