If you are planning to go for a filling, it is for sure that you and your dentist will have a lot of materials to choose from. But before your appointment makes a complete investigation on the filing procedure and gets up to speed on your options.

You can choose the best cheap dentists Auckland for your teeth filling process. They will be the perfect ones to help you out in improving the condition of your teeth.

The filings that actually looks like your original teeth:

The most common type of filing that is mainly used by the dentist is the composite one. They are basically made of the glass and quartz in resin.

It is up to the dentist as he is the one who will choose the right filling for your teeth as per your teeth requirement.

The dentist mainly chooses the composite filing if the size of the cavity is small or medium. The composite filling is also good for the people who are scared of dental treatments.

The composite fillings will definitely be bonded in the place, which means that the teeth will have less drilling work.

The merit of using the composite filling is that your dentist will find it very easy to actually match the composite with the color of your teeth. But the main disadvantage of using the composite filling is that the color may fade or stain over time just like your teeth color.

The fillings that actually releases the fluoride:

The new option that is used at the time of the filling process is that the dentist is using the glass ionomers, that are actually made of the acrylic acids along with the fine glass powders.

This type of filing is really helpful for the people as it can be colored and blended with the nearby teeth. They are designed in such a way under which they will be able to release the fluoride, which will be helping you in preventing your tooth decay.

The main disadvantage of these types of fillings is that they can break very easily. So this type of filling is actually not a very good idea for the surface who do a lot of chewing.

This filling is basically used for the places near the gums or they are used in the spaces that are between the teeth.

If you want fillings for your teeth, try choosing the professional manukau dentist who is experts in their work. It is often believed that the dentist who is cheap does not give the results as per the client’s requirements. But it is not true, the only thing that you should focus on is try investigating each and everything about the dentist and make the right choice for yourself.