Connecting Arlo cameras to the Wi-Fi can sometimes be difficult. First, check if your Wi-Fi router is working properly. Poor Wi-Fi network might cause Arlo cameras to not detect the Wi-Fi signal. Further, the router settings might be customized to only allow specific IP addresses to access the internet. In order to check this, open your browser and type “router/” to access the settings page of your IP address. If that doesn’t work, then alternatively you can type the address of your router’s IP address on the search bar and it will take you to the settings page. Once you get in, change the access settings so that the Arlo cameras can have access to the Wi-Fi.

It could also be that your Wi-Fi might not be able to connect because of the placement of the cameras with respect to their home base station. Remember that cameras receive wireless signals from their home base station which is connected to the lan network. So, if your home base station is placed farther from the camera than its signal’s reach, then the camera would not be able to receive signals. Also, materials like bricks, metal, solid wood, glass and any kind of insulation material also diminish the strength of the signal. So, the more the barriers between the home base station and the cameras, the lesser the signal will be between them.

But despite all the efforts, if you are still unable to establish a proper connection between your cameras and the Wi-Fi, then do not hesitate to contact Arlo tech support for help. They will make sure that your problems are solved as fast as possible.

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