Depression is a common and serious medical illness that involves excessive sadness, loss of interest in enjoyable things, and low motivation. It is a treatable disorder that affects 300 million people around the world, from young to old. It is estimated that around 15 percent of the adult population will experience depression at some point in their lives.

Also, talking about depression is a tough task for people who are suffering. So, your support and encouragement can play a crucial role in your loved one’s recovery. Below are some Do’s and Don’t that need to be taken in mind while dealing with a depressed person.


1. Just Listen and Be There

The best thing you can do for someone with depression is to be there, hold their hands and tell them how important they are in your life. Listening and providing emotional support makes a difference to people suffering from depression. To offer depression support, listen with empathy and show compassion and warmth towards them.

2. Be Positive

Your positive involvement in the life of a person suffering from depression can be a huge help. The simple key to offering depression support is to keep a positive and encouraging environment. Don’t plead or scold the person ever, who is dealing with depression. Try to spread positive vibes around by saying only positive things that will make the person happy. Also, find a therapist that can address the depression while you focus on simply being a positive presence.

3. Offer Distractions and Activities

Staying around and being with people is one of the best ways to deal with depression. Firstly, try to engage and distract them in daily activities and the things they love to do. Also, love them unconditionally and pamper them as most as you can.

4. Be patient and Calm

When you are patient with your loved one, you are letting them know, no matter how long the treatments are going to be, you will always be there by holding their hands. Patience makes them believe that you will walk together with your loved one on every difficult path of life. Also, talking about depression is not easy for them, so it is your duty to make them feel comfortable.


1. Don’t Judge or Criticize

Avoid saying statements that show you are criticizing or judging the person. Statements like ” You just need to see things positively” or ” I think this is really all just in your head” leads to becoming the person shattered. All you need to do is say things that your partner or friend wants to hear, things that make him happy. You just need to have a healthy conversation with your loved one so that he feels free to share anything with you.

2. Avoid Being Tough

Some people intentionally be impatient or tough with their loved ones, push their boundaries, force them to tell the reason for their sadness. But all this leads to create more problems in a person’s life as talking about depression openly is difficult for them. Your impatient and forced behavior will not bring any positive changes. So, to handle a person with depression, you need to be soft-hearted and calm.

3. Never Offer Them Advice

Whenever someone we care about is having a tough time, he wants to have a quality time. While it is true that the depressed person needs guidance but negative advice would make them feel insulted. Whenever a person asks for help, they are more inclined to be guided rather than taking advice. So, always try to help the person in a way that he wants.

4. Never Say “You are too much

When someone with depression is told “you are too much” especially from their closed ones, it can lead to sadness for them. People with depression often have disturbed ideas and the only thing they want is support from their family and friends. Talking about depression is tough for everyone and this type of statement can make them feel alone, which is very harmful to a depressed person.

Hence, the depressed person needs love, support and your time. You just need to be more responsible and open to them so that they can share anything with you. So follow these Do’s and Dont’s and try to deal with the person in an effective manner.