Vastu is the science of architecture derived from ancient Hindu texts. It has many specifications as per design of homes and other buildings.

Many Hindu homes feature a special room called as Mandir or temple or Puja room. It is a sacred place where idols of gods and goddesses are installed and they are propitiated. Temple design companies refer to vastu to guide the setting up of Puja rooms inside homes.

Here are a few stipulations given by vastu for setting up a puja room:

Vastu As Per Home

• Puja room inside the house must be in the North, East or corner of North East of the home.

• The Puja room must not be located towards the Southern direction.

• Room should not be inside the bedroom

• Room must not be next to, above or below kitchen or bathroom.

• It should not be built below the stairs.

• The room should have windows and doors in the East or North.

Decoration Of Puja Room As Per Vastu

• The temple can be built also with marble and stone. Metal must never be utilized to construct a temple.

• You can place idols created of metal inside the wooden temple. You must take special care to make sure that metal made use for creating the idols of Gods must not be utilized to construct the temple wherein the idols are placed as it is considered inauspicious.

• The idols of Gods must be placed towards the West and East of the room. The gods’s faces must not look towards the south.

• The lamp stand must be placed in Eastern or South East of the room’s corners.

• The room’s walls must be painted in light blue, white or light yellow.

• The floors of the room must be light yellow or white in color.

• Light yellow or white marble work is auspicious in the room.

• If an Agni-kund (sacred sacrificial space) has to be installed, it must be located in south-east of puja room. Oblations towards the fire must be made by facing towards the Eastern side.

• Photos of animals and birds as well as episodes from the Mahabharath must not be kept in the sacred room.

• The divine idols must not be facing right the entrance of the sacred room.

• The room must have a suitable wooden temple (mandir) which must not consist of metal components. Marble and wood are right raw materials.

• The idols of Gods in the room must not have been subject to damage.

• The idols must not be placed by chiseling the wall and must not touch the wall.

• The room must not be utilized for storage.

• It should ideally have a wooden door featuring two shutters.

• The room must not have more marble statues as decoration items.

These are some tips for making and decorating a Puja room as per Vastu. One can seek help of temple design firm in India to construct a puja room that adheres to Vastu.