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It’s one antivirus support you must trust for your data safety and identity security.

Because today danger lurks everywhere even as in a market dominated by different types of antivirus and anti-malware products, Webroot SecureAnywhere Download Antivirus shines bright, thanks to its path-breaking and hard-to-find features.

What Makes Webroot SecureAnywhere Download the Best Buy?

1. It offers great results instantly even while it secures 3 computers or MACs, simultaneously.

2. Unlike most similar products obtainable in the market, it doesn’t slow your system down.

3. If offers quick scan of your whole system. In just 20 seconds scan, this exciting product will scan your computer for the malicious malware. This makes it 60X faster than similar products that you find in the market.

4. You don’t get time-consuming updates either. Its cloud-based updates feature makes your internet security up-to-date.

5. You get 100% secure browsing experience with real time anti phishing features.

6. You also get identify theft protection for your username, account numbers, personal information against keyloggers and spyware.

7. You also receive Webcam protection against the dangerous trojan and malware. Whether you are using built in webcam or an accessory, you will be 100% safe and your webcam will not behave as the eyes and ears of the hackers.

What to Do Before You Download and Install Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus?

1. Ensure that your computer fulfills the different system requirements.

2. Check license agreement.

3. Guarantee that your computer is connected to high speed Internet.

4. Ensure you have a keycode.

5. Uninstall the old editions of the antivirus.

How to Download the Antivirus? Step-by-step Process

1. Follow the installation routine from either the CD with the antivirus or the webroot download antivirus files.

2. Enter Webroot Secureanywhere Keycode in the installer dialog field.

3. Click ‘Agree’. install.

4. Say YES to the Pop-up that seeks permission for the changes to be made.

5. Give you e-mail. Continue.

6. ‘Agree’ to the solution agreement. Continue.

7. Threats caught during scan will be quarantined.

8. Congratulations! You are protected.

9. Return to the ‘Start Using Secure Anywhere’ page.