While attracting new customers in a highly competitive Dubai market is in itself a big task, retaining them with you is not an easy feat. Providing seamless and consistent remote support is one of those challenges that only a few IT outsourcing companies in Dubai are able to deal with. But, what features help those few companies to offer excellent IT support services that make their customers loyal to them for a long time? Do you have any idea? If not, let’s explore what their customer service for IT support looks like.

 Faster Response Time

Customers are always in a hurry. Thus, a fast solution is what they need. More than half of the IT businesses in Dubai agree that the most important thing an IT outsourcing company can do is to value their time by offering quick solutions with least turnaround time. This means, if you are in the business of IT outsourcing in Dubai, you need to pay attention to efficiency and develop a strategy or master plan that streamlines your all different support functions. 

Tip: Consider a help desk tool because it can manage and automate a wide range of service tasks.

 Gather Customer Feedback and Conduct Analysis

Every industry has different customers with varying needs and unique attitude. Thus, good customer service doesn’t always mean the same. To deduce how customers respond to services and products, successful companies collect their customer feedback by using feedback collection tools. They identify the patterns and specific needs of their customer base and then, create personalized solutions for them. So, know about your customers through surveys and interviews to get deeper insights into their perspective rather than guessing what they want.

Tip: Use feedback collection tools to improve your customers’ experience.

 Offer Customer Self-Service Resources

Sometimes customers are looking to find solutions on their own. A good IT Support company is always eager to help their clients whether they are hiring professionals or searching for DIY solutions. They provide a knowledge base as a self-service resource without thinking that it would financially harm them. This, in fact, helps them in long-term financially, earn a good reputation in the market, and gain a large clientele.

Knowledge bases usually comprise of Blog pages, FAQs, and Articles that provide customers with needed information. Interestingly, more than 50% of customers want to solve problems on their own. Therefore, knowledge bases are great assets that help in improving customer service.

Tip: Create pages of FAQs, Blogs, and Articles on your website that provide solid solutions to their common problems.

 Support through Omni Channels

Top IT companies all over the world ensure that their customers don’t have to face difficulties when it comes to interaction. Therefore, they make their IT support team accessible in various ways. In case you are offering IT support in Dubai, you should be fully equipped to respond to incoming requests through different communication channels that your customers feel comfortable to use. 

Tip: Create different communication channels like phone number, email, social media, live chat and ones that your customers prefer.

 On-time Problem Solving with Least Hassle

Regardless of the industry, all customers want their problems solved at the end of the day. The best IT Support teams are ingenious, persistent, and bent on to help their customers. In some scenarios, they need to be creative and come up with unique solutions to customer issues. Thus, you need to walk a mile extra when you are in the IT support business because customers of this genre usually face problems that are often unique and to help them, you may need to find a solution that falls outside the standard protocols of your company.

Tip: Be creative when a customer issue seems unusual to provide a unique solution.

Now, you know what to do to make your clients happy. So, incorporate these features and make your IT Support team recognized in the IT industry even in the cut-throat competition of Dubai.