Are you dealing with dropped calls? Does your mobile fail to download? The prime reason could be poor networking. The problem can fix with the installation of a mobile signal booster. The smart device makes the mobile signal strong in your area regardless of the company network you are using. It supports both 3G and 4G networks. With installation of a cell phone booster, the mobile signal amplifies by up to 32X. It is a one-time investment that can work smoothly for decades without maintenance. Since, the technical market offers a range of mobile signal booster devices, choosing the right one can be a bit tricky. Here are a few parameters to filter the best amplifier for you.

Highest Downlink & Uplink Power

Have you ever faced a situation where your voice is not reaching to the other party or the other party’s voice is not reaching to you? It is because of poor downlink and uplink signals. When the uplink signal is strong, your voice is clearly heard by the other party. If it is weak, your voice cannot reach to the other party or become choppy for the other party. Similarly, when the downlink signal is strong, you can clearly hear the voice of the other party. If it is weak, you cannot hear from the other party or the voice becomes choppy. It is why pay a close attention to downlink and uplink power of the device that is measured in dB.

Pick the Cell Phone with the Highest Gain in Decibels

Even your twin-SIM smartphone from two different carriers have the same signal strength, you might notice one SIM has two bars while the other has one bar. Measuring strength of the signal by looking at the bar is not a satisfactory way to ascertain the quality of the telecommunication and a cell phone signal booster. Consider decibels gain. The strength of signal for networks and radio waves are measured in dB or decibel. Select the cell phone booster with positive decibels. A +70 dB signal gain is more powerful than +50 dB.

Coverage Area

Know your need when it comes to selecting the right cell phone booster. Whether you are looking for 4G IDEA or Airtel mobile signal booster in Delhi, determine the coverage area. It can be limited to 1-2 rooms or more than 100,000 square feet area that needs installation from professionals. Carefully decide the device to set up in your area.