Already a street food paradise, the flourishing fine-dining culture in George Town is transforming Penang into Malaysia’s most enticing and promising gourmet city.

Recognized as one of Asia’s coolest places for street food and plans to have its hawker community listed as an intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO, dining out in Penang is serious stuff. Yet, despite Penangites’ reputation for demanding high food standards, fine dining seldom seemed to figure prominently on the island’s culinary scene, except in the numerous 5-star hotels dispersed throughout the island.

But the tide is turning, with trendy independent joints and dining restaurants in Penang opening up to gracious audiences.

Often, what we’re going to do is get a table and feast. But when you are holidaying in Penang, it is vital to make your eating experience worthwhile as well. Some of us know exactly what to look for. But for those who don’t know much about making their restaurant visit a memory to cherish, here are some tips for a great dining experience in Penang.


Choose an eatery that you can easily walk to. You want to have an excellent time, but driving backwards can sometimes be a real challenge. So book a dining restaurant in Penang that is nearby, where you reach easily, or at least get a taxi quickly. 

Ambience Matters

Often the restaurant may be pleasant, but the interiors are not to your liking or too jarring for your senses. Pick a spot where the overall ambience soothes you.

Do they play live music? How loud is that? Check out the people who are frequenting the place. If the entire environment seems cool and laid back, go and book a seat— Maybe a particular table away from the kitchen and not right under the air conditioner.

Cuisine choice

When looking at the best options for dining restaurants in Penang, food has to be one of the topmost priorities. Char KoayTeow, Nasi Lemak, Asam Laksa, Otak-Otak, WantanMee are some of the popular dishes of the town. You want to ensure that the restaurant you are visiting specializes in these before taking the plunge.

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