The device is known with a name called MagicJack, it is connected to your PC, and then next it helps you to connect your phone with the standard RJ- 11 phone jack. MagicJack Error Code 23 pops up on your display with a tone on the receiver and it confirms some mishap with the connection.

MagicJack Error Code 23 pops up Cause:

Connection problem:

Many times, the error pops up because of an issue in the connection with your outlet in which you make a connection with your device. It may be a router, PC, or even on a wall. It is also possible that you have connected your device correctly however; at the time of connection, it has created some issues.

MagicJack Error Code 23 pops up Closed ports:

The firewall security of your router has been connected with a method like ports that are not being opened due to which an issue takes place.

Outdated firmware:

many times, the firmware used with MagicJack might be outdated and it becomes a reason you are facing issues at the time of making a connection to the server. For server issues, you can take help from the MagicJack phone number.

Defected USB port: an issue in the USB port can be a reason for an error popped up. It is important to check your USB port that is offering the required power to your device.

Solution 1: PowerCycling devices

It is the very first step used as a solution for this error code, so here in this process you need to make sure you completely power cycle all your devices involved to make sure that an issue isn’t taking place because of a corrupt startup configuration. For this:

Disconnect your device from the power source, router, or any other device that is connected in this power loop.

Ress and press the power button and now you have to wait for a minimum for 10 seconds

Now turn your device ON and then you have to connect it appropriately and check if there are any issues taking place

Solution 2: Changing USB ports

In many cases, a USB port you used with MagicJack to make a connection might be faulty, and this a reason for this error. So it is suggested that disconnect your device from your existing port and then connect it to a new port and examine if there comes an issue.

Solution 3: Open connection ports

Various ports are used with a different application in order to use the internet and these applications help in communicating with the internet and then are opened by ISP. So, make a call to your internet service provider and you need to ask them if they can open the ports “5060-5070” on your router/modem. MagicJack makes use of these ports to make a connection with the internet. Take help from MagicJack customer service number for instant help in this regard.

Solution 4: Updating firmware

In various cases, firmware for your device is not updated and it becomes a reason for the error. So, it is required to download and install the firmware for your device. For that:

First, you have to open the web browser on your PC and then go to the site

Next, it is required to download the right firmware on your device and then you can connect your device to your PC

Now go to the downloaded file and then follow the directions you get on your display to complete this installation

Now check again if the error remains the same

Note: In case, you remain on the same, try to work with a new Ethernet cable as well as other cables necessary in this connection.

In case, you are stuck somewhere in this process then you can take help from its experts by making a call to the MagicJack customer support number. Experts will guide you.

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