Gmail is one of the best email service offered by google. This is a free service with 15 gb of storage. Whenever you want to use the gmail, you can simply create an account and start using it. But sometimes it may not work for you.

Whenever your google account is not working. It may be happening due to several reasons.

First and very common reason is, incorrect user login details. So here are the instructions to fix the Gmail problems.

1. Check the username and password on your Google account. Ensure that your account is working perfectly fine. If there is any kind with your password, you need to change your password.

2. Let’s check the server status, if you see the server is down, you should go ahead and reset the password.

3. If you cannot access the gmail website, you should check the network connectivity. Most probably, the internet is not working.

4. If you cannot receive the emails on your gmail account, you should check the email filters and forwarding settings, most probably, you have enabled the gmail forwarding to another account. that’s why you cannot receive the emails on your google account.

5. Sometimes, you may not be able to access the Gmail account, due to the browser issues, so you should reset the browser or install a new version of browser.

6. If gmail is not working on mail app, you should install the gmail official app and configure your account into it.

So these are the instructions to fix the gmail not receiving mails problem. if you have any other problems with your gmail account. you may visit the askprob community and follow the instructions to fix the problem.

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