Bellsouth Helpline Number

Bellsouth email is one such email that is used by people all around the world. However, this email service is known for its incredible features which makes it most loved email. There are times when people face trouble while using this email, and one such error is your Bellsouth email temporarily got locked, and you are not able to login. You can fix this error by reading the solution steps given in this blog, or you can reach out to experts by calling Bellsouth customer care phone number.

What Are Reasons for Your Bellsouth Email to Get Temporarily Locked?

If you are searching for the reasons that are responsible for the occurrence of the error Bellsouth email get temporarily locked then you can see the list given below:

 If you entered the incorrect login credentials again and again.

 If you send the email larger than the size limit of Bellsouth email.

 When hackers try to login to your email account.

 Your account has reported the occurrence of various suspicious activity.

 If you are receiving a large number of spam emails.

 If you have entered the wrong settings of IMAP or POP3.

Steps to Fix When Bellsouth Email Is Temporarily Locked

When your account is temporarily locked then after 12 hours only you can get access to your account. However, if you want to quick access to your account, then you can take the help of Sign-in helper tool. By using the following methods, you can login to your account:

Step 1

 Visit the website of Bellsouth Email on your web browser.

 Then click on the Locked account and then go to the page of Sign-in helper.

 You have to enter the email address of your account and then enter the recovery email address to get the password reset link.

 You will receive the reset link on your recovery phone number.

 Now follow the link to create the new password and get your account unlocked quickly.

Step 2

When you login to your SBCGlobal email account, then your username and password get stored in the server and form the cookie. You have the right to change the preference of your email account with the cookie saved. The cookie will automatically get deleted if you enter the wrong password of your email account. If you cross the limit of accessing your email by entering the incorrect password, then your account will get suspended for approx. 12 hours.

You can unblock your email account by creating fresh cookies in the SBCGlobal email server. Once you have deleted all the data from the server cookies, then the login details of your account will get refreshed.

If the above methods, does not help you in fixing the issue of your account then you can reach out to Bellsouth tollfree number that is available at all hours. The experts are there 24*7 round the clock to resolve the issue faced by you.

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