• Here we have some easy and simple guidelines on go.roku.com/connectivity to solve the connectivity issues
  • Firstly, start with checking your wireless connection by accessing Settings and choose Network
  • After that, select Check connection to execute a two-part test
  • And now try to resolve these connectivity issues
  • At first, check whether the correct wireless network is selected and also make sure to enter the correct password
  • Secondly, check whether the router is working correctly and locate it near the Roku device
  • Most importantly, improve the wireless signal strength of the router by placing it near the device
  • Similarly, start with restarting the Roku device and the router
  • For that, at first, reach the Roku Players Settings menu and then choose System
  • Next, select the Restart option
  • Restart the Roku TV by accessing Settings and selecting System
  • Choose Power and then select System restart and this will proceed with restarting the Roku TV

Error codes


  • The error indicates the connection to the router but has no access to the internet
  • Moreover, try to contact the ISP help and then try to restart the Roku device


  • The error can inform you about the Ethernet issue.
  • Firstly, verify whether the Ethernet connection is secure to the router and the Roku device


  •  This error can help you to recognize the failure of connection to the wireless network


  • Firstly, for this error code, check for the signal strength
  • After that, make sure to restart the Roku device and the router

 14.40 or 14.41

  •  This error code can appear while providing the incorrect password for your wireless network
  • Firstly, check whether the correct home network is selected
  • And make sure to provide the correct password
  • Get more solutions for this via go.roku.com/connectivity

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