With so many lending institutions vying for your attention, it would not be difficult for you to seek a loan for your two-wheeler vehicle at your choice of interest rates. The thrill of having your two-wheeler vehicle gets unbound as lenders promise quick approval and fast loan disbursals. This not only relieves you from the unwarranted stress of seeking a loan but allows you to enjoy the comfort of traveling on your vehicle.

Easy Processing by Fullerton India

Fullerton India realizes what its two wheeler loan customers are looking for. Designed to ensure convenience, many borrowers are in for a surprise as they realize how they can their entire two-wheeler vehicle funded with the loan amount. The loan amount can be any, thus, allowing you to buy your choice of two-wheeler vehicle. This allows them to buy the vehicle of their choice including bike, moped, scooter, etc. The ability to fund your bike with the loan amount adds to the joy of driving it. Apart from competitive rates that allow intended borrowers to enjoy cheap loans, they focus on ensuring the fastest approval at just the click of a button.

Online Bike Loan

The availability of the Fullerton India app means that you can avail a bike loan almost instantly. This saves you from the hassle of going to the nearest branch and piling up documents to secure a loan. Logging on to the company’s site or downloading its application not only saves you from the pain of submitting a loan application but ensures quick loan approval. Moreover, it ensures easy loans with minimum income requirements.

Avail Loan in Three Easy Steps

Count 1-3 and you get a loan of your choice. It’s that simple. The three steps involved in loan financing include:

1.) Check your eligibility and put in your loan amount

2. ) Upload KYC documents

3.) Check interest and click loan tenure to complete the application process.

Post completion of application procedure and subsequent approval, you will find the loan amount directly credited to your account.

Easy Financing

If you are unsure of the interest you must pay, simply click on the two-wheeler loan calculator online. All you must do is to fill in the estimated loan requirement at the given interest rate for your choice of loan tenure to know the interest charges.

Though there are no processing fees involved, added charges, if any, are factored into the calculation of the equated monthly installments (EMIs).

However, you must be aware of the following charges involved in securing funds through the loan.

1. Cheque dishonor charges

2. Late repayment charges

3. Cheque swap charges

4. Cancellation and rebooking charges

5. Duplicate NOC issuance charges

6. NOC for conversion from private to commercial registration

7. NOC for an interstate transfer

8. Stamping charges as per agreement

Loan Benefits with Fullerton India

Choosing among so many players in the loan market is not easy. However, considering the following benefits of borrowing from Fullerton India enables quick decision making. These include:

– Competitive financing rates

–  Affordable EMI plans

–  Adequacy of the loan amount

–  Available both online and offline

–  Minimal documentation

–  Instant loan credit to your savings or current account

–  Choice of the loan repayment period

–  Nominal processing fees

–  Zero credit history

Eligibility Criteria for Fullerton India Loan

Before you avail your loan, check if you fulfill the following eligibility criteria.

1. You must be at least 18 years old while submitting the loan application and equal to or less than 65 years of age by the end of the loan repayment period.

2. You must be living in the city for at least a year

3. You must be employed with some organization (government or private) or self-employed for at least a year. Salaried people must submit their salary certificates over the past three months while the self-employed would be required to submit a copy of the latest Income Tax Return (ITR).