Every once in a while all of us have the urge to stay in and binge-watch Tv series or have a movie marathon. This urge is probably heightened due to the current pandemic and the advice to stay home as much as we can. If you are among those who love to spend their free time this way, alone or with a group of friends, think about how you can elevate this experience. Since the living room is where the movie or Netflix magic takes place, learn how to upgrade it for the best experience.

Make a plan

Every project starts with a plan. This can be applied to your Netflix marathon as well. First, think how long will it last – and afternoon or the entire day. Next, determine the number of people you want to invite. Make a list of series of movies you want to watch and send an online questionnaire to your friends. They will get a chance to vote and pick their favorites. Deepening on the movies or TV shows you’ve picked out, you need to make a game plan. You need to take regular breaks between episodes so that you can stretch and exchange your opinion on the episode.

Increase comfort level

If you plan on hosting a few friends over, you need to make sure every place in your living room is the most comfortable one. You don’t want people arguing about the best seat when you’ll go above and beyond to ensure every seat is it. You’ll need a lot of pillows, blankets, and a few chairs. People can use chairs to lift their legs up if they want to. People will gravitate towards the sofa, so make sure the armchair or the floor next to the sofa is comfortable as well. Since the screen will be the focal point of the room, rearrange furniture so every piece is facing your TV. In case you don’t have a comfortable sofa, and you’ve been looking for an excuse to upgrade your current one, change it beforehand.

Snack essentials

Snacks are definitely essential, but what are snack essentials? You need to make sure everyone has a place to put their snacks and drinks safely. You’ll avoid any mess by offering everyone a place to put their snacks. You can get something like snack tables that won’t take much space. These are easily maneuvered and you can position them whenever you need to. Stock up on both sweet and salty snacks and a variety of beverages that includes water, too.

Control the lighting

Daylight can easily interfere with your binge-watching environment or cause uncomfortable glare. So, you’ll want to avoid this and control the amount of light coming in. Remote control blinds will upgrade your viewing experience because you can easily control them with a remote. Blockout blinds will also work as well, so you can just switch your regular blinds if you need to darken your living room. You won’t have to stand up and position them manually. If some of your friends feel uncomfortable watching movies in complete darkness, you can turn on an accent light and improve the ambiance.

Where’s the remote?

When everyone is snuggled comfortably and focused deeply on the conversation that is going on between the protagonists, some will always yell and ask for a pause. When this happens, you won’t want to look for the remote everywhere between blankets, snacks pillows, and angry people who just want to continue watching. That’s why you should put the remote control in a basket on the coffee table. If you return it to its place you won’t have to look for it each time you need it. You’ll know where it is. Alternatively, you can assign the remote duties to someone in the room and blame them when the remote gets lost.

Create a relaxing vibe

If you want to further upgrade the comfort levels and increase the relaxing vibe, you can improve the air quality. Apart from airing out the room during your discussion breaks, you can use scented candles or aromatherapy. Citrusy scents can keep everyone energized and woke, so use it to freshen up the air. But, these scents won’t work if the room air is stale. So, remember to open up windows and let the fresh air in. All of you will appreciate this after a few hours of watching a TV show.

Getting your living room ready for a Netflix marathon mode won’t be difficult with these tips. Remember to make everyone feel comfortable and you’ll have a blast!