There is a diverse class of goat breed, few are popular and others are difficult to recognize by people. From floppy-eared Nubians to long-fleeced Angoras, goat breeds have a differentiating feature that makes them easy to identify.

Thus, it is very important to identify the goat breed and to find out it is for dairy or for meat if you have a farm or want to buy or Import Livestock into Japan. Here are the steps to identify the goat breed.

Look for floppy-eared Nubians: If the goat has ears that are hanging about 1 inch below its muzzle, it is sure that the breed is Nubian. This breed is both for dairy and meat.

Identify between docile, erect-eared and swiss breeds: To identify the dairy swiss breed you need to make sure that the breed has a straight face, ears are pointing straight up, are calm and have a tall build with plump, well-formed udder.

You can Import Livestock into Japan like Oberhasli by identifying their distinct light to deep red coat with black markings on the belly, face, as well as legs. Talking about Saanens, they are white or cream in color and is one of the top milk-producing breeds.

Identify LaMancha’s: To identity LaMancha’s, you need to make sure the goat has tiny ears i.e 1 to 2 inches in length and a sturdy built, short coat with a straight face.

You must look for these characteristics before exporting the breeds from Australia’s Livestock Exporters, as it helps you a long way to care and buy the best dairy goat breed.