In 2019, Cryptocurrency trading is a booming activity. This is because many individuals are viewing the volatile prices as a promising investment opportunity. Take the example of the Bitcoin, in January of this year, it was valued at $3500. Fast forward six months to June and its price has grown to an impressive $12900, which translates to approximately a 270% increase!

Today, exchanges all around the world report an upward trend when it comes to daily trading volumes. A quick check on CoinMarketCap shows some platforms reporting more than a billion dollars worth of trading on a daily basis. This presents a perfect opening for budding entrepreneurs to launch their own exchange platforms with the help of third-party development companies.

These companies offer a variety of white label crypto solutions that range from feature-rich offerings to easy customizations. One such brand that is pioneering in this industry is Infinite Block Tech.

This company is known for its premium services that are easy to modify and are highly scalable. They offer three developmental packages that are priced in Bitcoin and have the following advantages:

3 BTC: Gives access to a Coinbase like controlled exchange that is equipped with the latest security protocols.

4 BTC: You can develop a decentralized exchange that supports high liquidity and hosts an optimized order matching consensus.

6 BTC: With this, you can launch a robust Binance like exchange that supports a variety of trading options along with the best and latest features.

Infinite Block Tech offers a free whitepaper and setup installation along with varying periods of post-sale support. Moreover, you can choose which cryptocurrencies to include for your exchange.