Why Should I Learn A New Language?

Are you a speaker of the Lingua Franca? Do you see no need to learn another language? Well, there are many benefits to learning a new language that we often choose to ignore. Learning something new is always a good idea. If you see no benefits in learning a new language, allow us to show you the benefits you can gain if you invest your time and energy in learning a new language. If you have any online classes, get them out of the way by hiring expert help. All you have to do is say ‘take my class online’ and you are good to go.

Benefits Of Learning A New Language

Aids Career

Learning a new language can open many doors for you. If you are on the search for job opportunities in the international sphere, it is a great idea to pick up a new language. Even in the U.S many companies prefer to hire bilingual speakers as their ability to speak any other language can come in handy when they are asked to correspond with other speakers of the same language.

More Educational Opportunities

If you are hoping to go abroad for higher education, learning the native language is sometimes the prerequisite required to gain admission. Getting a degree in your own country may be more expensive than getting a degree from any other country. If you are facing financial problems, getting a degree from any other country can be much lighter on your pocket.

Moreover, if you are taking up a degree such as journalism, you might have to learn different languages to be able to correspond. Learning the language then is not any better than learning it now. If you invest your time learning it now, you won’t have to say no to any opportunities that come your way.

Enhances Social Skills

Learning another language helps you connect with people in a much larger aspect. For example, previously, you may have only been able to talk to English-speaking people. However, if you learn a new language you will not only be able to correspond with English speakers but also the speakers of that language. This will, without a doubt, widen your social circle and give you the opportunity to socialize with different people.

Strengthens Memory

Learning a new language is work. It is a great workout for your brain. When you learn a new language you are adding more pressure on your brain to perform. When it functions more, it improves its overall function. Many experts have gone as far as to say that learning a new language is like a gym for your brain. If you are a student, learning a new language might just be the best trick for you to improve your grades as you will be able to retain information in a much better way.

Helps You Multi-Task

For students, multi-tasking is very important as it helps you get done with all the things that await your attention. As per experts, students who are multilingual have the ability to code-switch from one language to the other and then back. For our brain, this is a difficult task. However, it helps you work on several things simultaneously without losing attention or getting stressed. If you want to be able to do several things at one time, learning a new language might just be the answer you are looking for.

What Languages Should I Learn?

Now that you know the benefits of learning a new language, we are sure you want to invest your time and energy in picking up on a new language. But the question is what language should you acquire? Here is a list of the top languages that you can learn:


Spanish is a very practical language to acquire. Since it is the second most spoken language in the world many people prefer to learn it so that they can reap the most benefits from it. It is also very familiar to English which makes it easier to learn.


Dutch sounds more like a combination of English and German. It is also very interesting to know that there are many words in Dutch that are spelled the same way we spell them in English. The only difference is of pronunciation. This characteristic will make it a lot easier for you to learn Dutch.


A large number of people speak Indonesian around the globe. For English speakers, learning Indonesian is comparatively easier as it consists of the same letters that Latin consists of. Moreover, it is a phonetic language, which means that its pronunciation and spellings go similar. In addition to this, you can also learn it easily because it does not have many grammar rules, which simplifies the language even more.


Italian is very similar to the English language. If you are fond of traveling, Italy must be on your list of all the countries you wish to travel to. If you want to have the complete experience of visiting Italy, learning the language is a must!


French is also a very popular language. It is spoken by more than 76 million people all over the globe. For English learners, French is quite the catch. It has many words that are similar to the English language and therefore can aid you in learning.

How To Learn A New Language?

Once you have decided which language to learn, you must focus on the right way to learn that language. Here are some tips you can use to learn the language:


The best way to learn a language is to speak it. If you want to learn a new language start speaking in it as much as possible.

Learn Common Words

Your first attempt at learning a new language should be to learn words that are the most common. Learning the most common words will help you set the basis for further conversation. This way you will be able to learn more words and that will help you build on the foundation you have laid.

Don’t Let Embarrassment Bring You Down

It is okay if you make errors while speaking the new language. It is bound to happen, so you shouldn’t let the embarrassment bother you. Own it and continue speaking the language.

Get Online Assistance

If you are struggling with any of your online classes our advice would be to hire help. Just tell them to take my class online. Once you get that out of the way, look for online help with your learning journey.

Learning a language is never a bad decision, don’t ponder about it too much and start learning today. Look up all the different languages there are and make your pick. There is so much more you can do if you start learning a new language and master it. We hope that you are able to make the most of your learning and reap all the benefits that come with learning a new language.