Looking expensive is one of the many styles. Being expensive means being elegant and sophisticated. The high budget clothes definitely look elegant but there is a line that separates people on the basis of their economic positions in society. So, everyone can’t afford Armani or Gucci all the time. However, the economic differences are not enough to undermine the wishes of people to look expensive and elegant. The upper-middle class is always anxious about the fact that how to look expensive on a budget. The secret lies behind the answer to the query of how to make the cheap fabric look expensive. The secret lies in creativity. We have brought some latest styling tips for you that will make your clothes look expensive but they won’t be expensive. Get ready to know the secrets behind how to look luxurious without breaking your bank.

The Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is one of the many clothes that look expensive but are not expensive. In fact, jackets are the most versatile piece of clothing that can literally go with any sort of dress you may like to wear. Be it a casual hang out with your best friends or a night out with your boyfriend or a business meeting, the jacket can never look odd. Moreover, the leather jacket is never out of fashion for centuries. One great feature of this stylish outfit is that it does not have to be expensive to look expensive. Yes, you read it right. A cheap leather jacket will also look the same way as a branded and expensive leather jacket looks. You can pair up a leather jacket over a button-up shirt with a tight knee-length skirt, it can also go well with a pair of skinny jeans either black or blue with a tee either printed or a plain tee. A floral frock won’t hurt underneath the leather jacket. The black dress can also be worn under the leather jacket for an elegantly formal and classic look. This is how to look luxurious without breaking your bank.

Choose to pick the Right Fabric

The choice of fabric is the most important factor in determining the expensiveness of the clothes you wear. There is an alternative to everything. But some alternative worth it while others do not. To buy cheap alternatives for linen and cotton-like nylon and acrylic do not worth it. They do not stand long washes and are not durable. Moreover, the quality of them does not look expensive as such. Whereas if you will buy a bit expensive fabric it will be long-lasting and will give you the quality you need to look luxurious. The right choice is how to make the cheap fabric look expensive. The expensive-looking fabric always drape with your body while the cheap-looking fabric clings with your body. Keep this factor in mind while shopping for the fabric.

Buy the Pieces Inspired by Designer

Money can’t buy everything is the most common phrase we hear. But it literally is true. If you can’t afford a dress by the well-known designer, it does not mean that you can’t wear it. You can wear it with magic. The magic that happens in the replica fashion houses. The replica fashion houses do not even charge half of the price of the original dress. All you will have to do is find out a replica fashion store with the most reasonable prices in the town yet it must have the most variety with the genuine looking prints. This is how to look expensive on a budget.

Wear all Black Pieces

Black hides all. The cheap quality of the fabric of your dress will be hidden by wearing black. Moreover, the flaws in your own body like the exposed fats will look hidden by black. You look slimmer in a black dress. Not just this but black gives you a celebrity like a look. The celebrities who are on the front page of Vogue Magazine or any other headline. Select a pair of ripped or straight normal black jeans to combine it with a black t-shirt or a black button-up shirt. The button-up shirt and jeans can be paired up with a pair of pumps. Make sure to buy the ones with a pointy front. They look more glamorous and expensive. You may also wear a black leather jacket above it. With the messy curls in your hairs and classic gold jewelry, you will look luxurious. Black has another advantage that it goes with every skin tone. Be it light or dark, black looks good on all. This is the most simple and practical answer to the query of how to look luxurious without breaking your bank.


The world goes upside down but fashion will never stop to influence people. Although I am in the favor to break the stereotypes of such sorts but still who is there who does not want to enjoy a cheap yet luxurious life. So, the easy tips for looking expensive to include wearing a full-fledge black dress while wearing a dark-colored lipstick, a leather jacket in your must-haves, choice of the right fabric, and buying the replicas of the designer clothes from replica fashion stores. The makeup can also be bought at cheaper prices. Remember one last thing that elegancy does not come up with tons of face powder applied with heavy eye makeup and glittery blue-green eye shades it comes with a light brown or light pink makeup. But the demand for makeup changes with the time of the day, the color of the clothes, and events. At the end of the day, we must believe from the bottom of our hearts that being rich does not bring beauty, and the purest form of beauty comes from being comfortable within your own skin.

Dress up in one of our mentioned looks and tell us how it goes in the comments section!