If you’ve played World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, you know you can easily get a lot of gold coins without any effort. Mission rewards, dungeon looting, or even selling trash to traders can generate large sums of money. It’s different in World of Warcraft.

Therefore, you will use the following similar strategies for farming classic wow gold. Welcome to our classic guide to World of Warcraft gold and the untold wealth you will receive. Read on to learn how to make the most of the limited resources of Blizzard’s revolutionary original MMO.

Collect and sell at your level

From 1-60 years old, choose only party activities. This is usually grazing and clearing or grazing and mining, but enchanting is also important (because you can break unnecessary gears and sell materials). Don’t collect items for yourself, but sell them to others in the traditional craft industry.

Choose the best party

Herbs are especially good because some players use potions right away, including Healing Potions and Defense Elixir. This is due to the relatively high risk of injury and death in Classic at the lower levels.

Skinning can reduce profits and the time it takes to level up because you can skin things when you kill them. But you don’t have to compete for knots as you would when planting grass or mining. Mining is very useful in many professions, including blacksmithing and engineering, and the requirements will go up as players reach their upper level cap. However, keep in mind that the pros are not as familiar with World of Warcraft as they are in live games. The time spent planting and mining has nothing to do with leveling time. No matter what profession you are, the Gatherer mod is very useful as it allows you to track where herbs and mining are located.

Be the second fun character

If you plan on activating and leveling up multiple characters at once (this is a great way to make the most of your rest), make the second character an enchant. This should be the character that you are going to improve, because your enchanting skills also need to be improved in order to continue enchanting higher level items.

When you get the main character from 1 to 60, please focus on the initial decomposition, it does not require a lot of energy to maintain the character’s decomposition, it is usually not worth doing a low level enchantment (endgame enchantment is different). Relatively speaking, attractive materials can be more beneficial compared to the green and blue gears they use.

Scan the auction house for interesting content

It is also worth spending time at auction houses every day, looking at interesting low-level materials (such as “strange dust”) at current prices, and then checking the prices of green items sold by people that form dust when decomposed. The Enchantrix mod will show you the best guess for each decay effect. While it hasn’t been updated yet, the report says it may work in the classic version.

Farm dungeon

In World of Warcraft Classic it is difficult to collect rare items, because many of them are “world drops” that can be used anywhere in the game world where monsters of a certain type or level live. But artisans specifically use many materials that can be used for breeding and resale in non-competitive dungeons, and the key to farming in non-competitive dungeons is being able to kill yourself or be invisible to monsters. They are. This is why rogues or druids do most of this type of farming, because they can sneak. Then there are hunters and other powerful solo classes that can kill anything that can leave useful things behind.

Handmade dungeon

Some dungeon farming requires collectible skills: for example, Fadeleaf (Fadeleaf) is a very popular item because it is used in Thieves’ vanishing powder. The Scarlet Monastery and other dungeons include respawn points that are easily accessible by professionals with invisible and herbal characteristics. Gravemoss is easiest to plant in the Scarlet Cemetery. Thieves or druids can easily mine dark iron ore in the blackstone abyss that leads into a long corridor to Bayergar.

Falling out of the farm dungeon

Other edible items were thrown out by the crowd. Fabric is a typical example. Most dungeon monsters drop a lot and often sell well. Orbs of Righteousness drop from the living side of Stratholme and are sold because they are used as enchantments for the Crusaders. Elemental enemies in Blackrock Depths or Mullarden drop elemental essences used in various potions and enchantments.

The number of dungeon drops per hour for all quests is limited, so in many cases it might make more sense to enter dungeons that take a long time to get more items, or periodically do this kind of farming during updates.