There are some main steps in tender process that any company interested in participating in a tender should take into account.

Every day thousands of tenders announced by Governments, funding agencies and private companies all around the world. These tenders can be interested by small, medium, and big companies in any business filed from cleaning services, office supplies and construction projects …

For accessing to such huge information, a website like can be very beneficial to any company because you can see all of government tenders and Finding agency tenders in one place.

For preparing a competitive tender, you should take some main steps. Below we describe these steps:

• Registering your interest

By viewing a tender related for your business the first thing is that you should view the details of that tender so that you can evaluate it before anything. When you found a tender good for your business you should start studying the documents of tender and register your interest with purchasing agency (Tender Holder) as described in tender documents. For accessing to tenders information you can use the services of Bidding Source website (

Tender Information session

Most of the tender have a clarification session that any company interested to participate in a tender should attend in this session. In such session any company can ask its questions about that tenders and receive replies for its questions there and make contact with the purchasing agency. As a matter of fact this session is a tender information sessions and we recommend to participate in such sessions before your final decision. Tenders information sessions are very important to participate before deciding about a tender.

• Think about your tender response Strategy

Always ask some questions from yourself when you want to decide for participating in a tender. Below are some examples of such questions that you should ask yourself:

1) Calculate the cost of the tender that you want to participate in. How much will it cost to complete tender?

2) Try to gather all information needed for that tender.

3) What you will need to fulfill that contract?

4) Who will be responsible for managing that tender in your company?

5) Preparing a schedule for completing that tender such as managing the workloads etc.

6) Who will be our competitors in that tender and how much is our chance in winning that tenders?

7) What is our plan for winning the tender and managing the contract after winning?

Above mentioned questions are main questions that you should ask yourself before participating in a tender. Developing a tender will cost money and valuable resources and abandoning development of a tender may cause many problems for your business especially if you have a small business.

• Reviewing the similar awarded tenders

For any clarification ask your questions from purchasing agency (Tender Holder).

Always try to review previously awarded contract by that agency and seek to find such information from awarded contracts: Type of the companies that won the previous tenders from that purchasing agency? Which factors are important for the contracting agency? What you should do and how you should act to match those factors?

• Fill the required documents exactly

In filling the required forms of tenders, always fill the form completely and answer the questions carefully.

Pay attention to word or page limited in answering the questions. If you are not a strong writer so ask a strong writer to write the answers in tender’s documents. Using weak literature in your answers can have negative influence in your winning process.

• Overview the Payment terms of tender

Every agency or tender holder can have different payment terms so study it carefully and if you require different payment so describe it completely in your offer to contracting agency. You may not get paid as soon as the job is finished or goods are delivered. This is an important factor that you should review before participating in any tender.

• Review your bid details before submitting

Before submitting your bid to the Buyer, review and study it carefully and be sure that your bid meets all requirements of tender.

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