Vape cartridge is a pre-filled cannabis oil glass cartridge. Vapes are easy to use and have become go-to concentrate product of cannabis lovers. Vape needs special packaging to protect it as well as attract customers. However, it was not an easy task to create packaging for vape products that can be protective and attractive. But Kraft made packaging of vape products easy for manufacturers due to its durable and cost effective nature. Kraft’s popularity is increasing ally due to its easy customization, cost friendliness, and study nature. Using Kraft for vape products can save you a lot of money which would otherwise be spent on attractive custom boxes with logo.

Let’s see in this article how Kraft can protect the products while saving your money.

Cheap Kraft packaging material:

Kraft material is the major source of saving your hard-earned money. The Kraft is easily available in the market therefore it is available at competitive and low rates. The quality of Kraft boxes is unmatched with other packaging materials as it’s durable and very safe for products.

Cost-effective customization:

For making a unique identity in the market for the establishment of business, customization of vape packaging boxes is very important. Kraft boxes can easily be molded into any shape therefore these boxes offer easy and economical customization. Plain boxes make your vape cartridges look bandy and unattractive. By using Kraft packaging boxes you can conveniently personalize them to make your packaging alluring. Kraft doesn’t require technical machines or a huge number of laborers to alter them therefore these boxes can be modified in any style according to your desires without spending a lot of money.

Printing of boxes is quite expensive but you can reduce printing cost by packing your Vape cartridges in Kraft boxes. You can print your Kraft vape cartridges boxes in a cost-efficient way. You can also get Kraft boxes in bulk to avail of wholesale rates. Many box manufacturers offer free customizations for Kraft boxes if purchased in bulk quantity.

Protection of products:

Damaged vape cartridges can cost business your vape business pain in terms of money and goodwill. When customers receive damaged cartridge it will jeopardize your long term relationship with the customer and your manufacturing, packaging, and shipping price are all sunk costs that your business has to bear. Customers will never dare to buy from such a brand. This loss can damage your years of effort but don’t worry Kraft boxes protect your vape cartridges in transit and on shelves and ensure customers open the box to original quality vape cartridge. This will save your product costs and you won’t have to bear damaged goods cost.

Recyclable nature:

Kraft boxes are eco-friendly and can be recycled. This makes these boxes most money-saving as recyclable material is cheaper than new material. You can use Kraft to cut down the high cost of new packaging.


By using Kraft boxes for your vape cartridges you can save a lot of cost which will increase your profit margins. Upgrade your vape packaging game to secure your cartridges and reduce the packaging cost.