As a business leader and an innovator, which is precisely what any startup owner needs to be, you might find it tempting to diversify your digital marketing investments across all available channels. After all, you might think, why limit yourself to a single, or a handful of digital outlets, when the world is so eager to create more of them every day? However, for a startup, especially one in need to handle fierce competition and limited capital, you need to be extremely wise with every penny you send towards a purpose.

When it comes to marketing your startup, digital outlets are indeed your best opportunity to get the word out, start building a reputation for yourself, and earn customer interest even in the earliest stages of starting your company. Selecting a few instead of the many means picking the right channels that will deliver the kind of exposure, awareness, and visibility you need. Here are a few top picks for your startup that you should consider adding to your digital marketing strategy.

Social media influencers reign supreme

Yes, building social media profiles and pages has become a must for every single modern business out there, and startups are no exception. In addition to typical, albeit diverse social media marketing methods, working with influencers has become a top choice for a vast number of brands that want to establish trust among their demographic. What matters most is to find an influencer that actually shares your values and uses your product, so that the relationship can grow together with your digital presence.

WOM done digitally

Digital marketing may be one of the finest tools in your marketing arsenal to reach more people and let them know about your innovative business, but word of mouth remains the most effective tool for establishing trust and earning loyalty over the long term. Now, transitioning WOM into the digital realm has been quite a challenge, until posting feedback and lengthy reviews stepped in to save the day.

There’s no better way to instill trust and certainty into your brand’s values and your promise than to get honest, transparent reviews of your business from many angles published on different, reputable platforms. Instead of boasting yourself as the finest representative of your industry, when you let someone else praise you for your exceptional work, you add another layer of transparency into your brand presence and its identity.

SEO in the spotlight

Search engine optimization is far from a new digital marketing and brand positioning strategy. However, no matter how long the practice of on-page and off-page SEO has existed, trends shift the relevance of different SEO best practices from one season to another, which makes it a constant challenge for businesses, and especially startups to build up their digital presence. Google, as well as other search engines, constantly change their algorithm and their search parameters in order to make sure each and every business needs to update their SEO practices and stay in line with the rules and regulations.

Without SEO, your startup doesn’t stand a chance, though. Hence the need to truly invest time and effort into selecting the finest and most effective white label SEO methods to boost your presence in the online world.

Content marketing in its prime

Some digital marketing strategies arise out of technical necessity, while others primarily serve startups and other businesses to connect to their audience, that is to say, out of the necessity for engagement. Content marketing is a perfect example of the latter. While it may be the key component of SEO, to which we’ll get in a moment, it’s more than vital for establishing your startup’s authority in your field of work, and providing your audience a safe space to interact with your brand.

No brand can survive without posting regular, quality content to entice customer interaction, pose relevant questions in the industry, and inspire conversations, debates, and overall engagement. This is not just a tool to make sure you’re more visible online, but a way to build your startup’s reputation from the get-go.

While there are many more to add to this list, such as expanding your content towards novel or location-specific platforms or investing more in PPC campaigns, digital marketing lives and breathes on these fundamental, yet ever-evolving principles. Use them to your advantage, and you’ll have the ability to give your startup the engagement and reputation it deserves and needs to thrive.