Canon is a famous Japanese company globally known for manufacturing top models of cameras and its equipment. Other than cameras, Canon manufactures various imaging devices like printers, photocopiers, and medical imaging devices. Canon printers are very common for house users as you can get a quality printer at good prices. Canon printers are known for providing quality printouts and robust services. But many people reported that they are getting several issues while using the Canon printer. One of the most reported Canon issues is Canon printer error 5C20. This issue mostly appears in the Canon MX series. This Canon error appears when you are trying to print and you get a rattling sound from your printer. This hardware error occurs due to any issue on the printer logic board. Another common error faced by Canon users is Canon 5B00 error. This error mostly appears due to outdated printer drivers. Whenever you get this error, you should immediately update your printer driver.

Common solutions for troubleshooting Canon Error 5C20:

Reset your Canon Printer

You can get this error due to fluctuation in the electricity while taking a print out. Whenever you get a Canon error message on your screen; you should immediately reset your printer. You can follow the mentioned steps for resetting the Canon Printer:

  1. Press the Power button of Canon printer for turning off your printer
  2. Unplug all the cables from your printer and unplug the power cord
  3. Now wait for about 20-30 seconds
  4. Plugin the power cord and USB cord in your Canon printer
  5. Press the Power button
  6. Now give a print command from your device and to check whether your error gets resolved or not.

Check the print head

You can also get this error due to your print head. If the print head of your printer gets damaged then get a new printhead for resolving the error. Sometimes the printhead gets clogged with the ink when you haven’t used your printer for several days. The clogged print head can get you into Canon error 5C20. Check the print head and if it clogged then use the utility tool for cleaning it. You can also clean the printhead manually. Unplug your Canon printer from the power source and then lift the cover panel. Now lift the grey/orange lever of your ink cartridge. Remove the ink cartridge from your Canon printer and check the print head. If it is clogged then clean it. Now reinstall the cartridge on your device and then plug in your printer. Now give the print command. If you are still facing the same error then you should ask Canon’s technical team for help.

Check the belt position

Some people also get this error due to the Canon belt. The printing belt moves the ink cartridge carriage back and forth inside your Canon printer. It releases the ink in your paper to produce the print. The Canon belt is located behind the carriage section. Unplug your Canon printer and remove the carriage. Now check why my canon printer is printing blank pages for the belt. If the belt slipped out then put it back carefully. Now put the carriage back into your Canon printer and turn on your printer. Give a print command to your Canon and check whether your error gets resolved or not.

Update your printer driver

Your printer driver is an essential tool for printing. This tool is like a bridge between your PC and the printer which allows the printer to understand the device command. If your printer driver gets corrupted or outdated then you have to restore or update it. Check the printer driver and update it. If you are unable to troubleshoot your Canon error manually then you can also the Canon team for help.