Buying a new home isn’t just a financial transaction, it is also an emotional one. When people buy a home, it’s important for them to visualize their life there. And a key role in visualizing plays a recently new trend of staging. According to some studies, staging has been found to increase the ability of buyers to picture themselves living there and hence, to make a purchase. But what exactly is staging and how can staging increase your resale value?

The term ‘staging’

Staging your home before putting a sale sign on it and making it available for purchase has become a crucial step to take. But what does it actually encompass? Staging is a form of visual merchandising of your home. It is based on the fundamentals of interior design and its ultimate goal is to emphasize its good features and hide the not so good features. But it’s important how we do it. Staging shouldn’t be something that’s too obvious; rather, it should be something so smooth and not so highly noticeable. How does staging help in increasing resale value? Well, it has a certain impact on potential buyers by allowing them to picture themselves living there. Staging also aims to make use of all kinds of free space, even those that seem unusable and weird at first glance. It creates a certain harmonious mood and atmosphere, which is again seen in professional photos that show the best of your home.

How is staging beneficial for you?

Staging is a fairly recent trend – it wasn’t something that was done 20 years ago. Earlier, it was enough to clean up a little bit, to get rid of the clutter and hide your cat’s litter box. Nowadays, things have changed and this isn’t enough. The competence is fierce, and for that reason, if we want to make the most of our home and the resale value, we should focus on staging it well before the sale. Together with this trend, the popularity of professional home staging services has risen as well as the buyers’ expectations, boosted by many popular home design TV shows. What is also important are the previously mentioned professional photos of your home. Many people today search for a new home online, so it’s crucial to advertise your home online with good photos. And good photos will only be achieved with a good staging of your property. So, staging is basically an investment into the better picture of your home, which can lead to higher resale value.

Professional vs DIY staging

As the staging is rising as a trend, so is the demand for this profession. Many people use the services of professional stagers, but many people also try to be resourceful and creative and do it themselves. So, depending on the type of person you are and the time you have at your disposal, you can choose either of the two options.

Professional staging

Consider your property, your abilities, the budget you have as well as free time and only then make a choice. When you hire a professional, you can relax and let a pro make your home look like a dream home.

DIY staging

On the other hand, if you’re a creative person with a gift of evaluating visual accordance and beauty and you also have some free time on your hands, you can also do the job yourself. You can easily educate yourself on some basics of interior design, colours and the proper use of space by surfing online.

Steps to the successful staging

Among the proven ways to increase the resale value of your home is to take the following steps which will lead to successful staging which will, hence, help sell your home for the best possible value.

Get rid of the clutter

Number one in staging your home is definitely decluttering your home. Nobody likes seeing a messy home. It is something that lowers the price from the mere start. With regular maintenance, prompt repairs and keeping the home clutter-free, you are sure to go over this step quite quickly. Make sure to soften or get rid of any effects of your pets, hobbies and religion, because not everybody likes seeing these highly personal items. It is best to make your home as neutral as possible.

Clean up

A dirty home is a home that is difficult to sell and it can also have diminishing effects even if the location of home and arrangement of rooms is perfect. It is one of the biggest factors when it comes to the sale. This is something you already do yourself, and you can do it now as well. Sure, you can hire a cleaning lady to do a more thorough job, if you’re short on time. What’s important is to make your home clean and neat – impeccable.

Mind the details

Even though details can seem to be something that is to be neglected, it is actually not the case. Details play an important role when it comes to increasing the resale value of your home. What do these details include? Well, everything from small paint touch-ups to changing bulbs, putting on kids quilt covers on beds in children’s room, washing windows and putting fresh flowers in vases. These are all small things that can make a huge impact on potential buyers.

Upgrade your kitchen and bath

The kitchen and bathroom are the two most important rooms in our home and we should have this in mind. Adding some touch-ups and refreshing these rooms is essential. So, consider repainting them if necessary and add some details such as a new shower curtain, toilet seat, soap holder, some appliances or a new table and chairs set.

Enhance your curb appeal

The first impression is highly important when it comes to selling your home for the best price. And the curb image we get from seeing a house can decide whether we like a house or not. That’s why we should also consider making some improvements to our curb view. Paint the exterior of your home, fix that broken mailbox, keep the grass neat and plant some flowers – it will all add to the curb appeal of your home.

Staging our home for sale is a process that takes some time and effort, but it eventually pays off if done in the right way. That’s why we shouldn’t skip this step ever.